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Section II: "The TV Series"


2.1: Main Characters In ROBOTECH 2.2: ROBOTECH TV Episode Guide 2.3: The ROBOTECH Timeline 2.4: How To See The Series 2.4.1: Is ROBOTECH still on TV? What Time/Channel? 2.4.2: Where can I get ROBOTECH on Videotaoe? 2.4.3: Where can I get ROBOTECH on Laserdisc? 2.4.4: Where can I get ROBOTECH on DVD? 2.5: ROBOTECH TV Series Questions 2.5.1: Why are there continuity problems between the three segments? 2.5.2: What is Protoculture? 2.5.3: Where was the SDF-2 in Episode 36?


Robotech FAQ 0.99
Macross Compendium
Dec 30th, 1999

The Macross Saga


Japanese Name: Hikaru Ichijyo
English Voice Actor: Tony Oliver
Spanish Voice Actor: Jesus Barredo

One of the key characters in the Robotech saga, Rick Hunter starts out in the series as an arrogant young civilian stunt pilot and becomes an experienced, tempered veteran by the end of the Macross saga. A skilled pilot, Rick becomes leader of Skull Squadron after Roy Fokker dies and is promoted to Admiral at the end of the first Robotech war. Rick leads the Expeditionary Force to Tirol on a mission of peace, but instead becomes involved in a war against the Invid. After the Invid invade Earth, Hunter orders the Expeditionary Force fleet to Earth (including a young pilot named Scott Bernard) in order to recapture humanity's home. Rick Hunter disappears along with the rest of the SDF-3 in the final episodes of the series.


Japanese Name: Lynn Minmay
English Voice Actress: Reba West
Spanish Voice Actress: Sylvia Garcel, Rocio Garcel (some eps.)

A beautiful but spoiled young girl who becomes Rick's primary love interest early on in the Robotech series. Minmei wins the Miss Macross beauty competition on the SDF-1 and quickly becomes a star, leaving Rick to pursue her career. After her career collapses, however, she comes back to Rick for emotional support. Lynn Minmei hates war and is a strong advocate of peace with the Zentraedi.


Japanese Name: Misa Hayase
English Voice Actress: Aline Leslie
Spanish Voice Actress: Patricia Acevedo

A career military woman, first officer of the SDF-1, and Rick Hunter's commanding officer. Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter fight each other like cats and dogs in the early episodes of the series, but come to respect each other and eventually fall in love. Lisa is given command of the SDF-2, and then the SDF-3 after the SDF-2 is destroyed in the final battle of the first Robotech war. Rick and Lisa marry each other on the night before the SDF-3 leaves for Tirol.


Japanese Name: Roy Focker
English Voice Actor: Don Warner
Spanish Voice Actor: Moises Palacios

Rick's mentor and "big brother", Roy Fokker is largely responsible for getting Rick into the military in the first place. Roy is a veteran pilot from the global civil war and was one of the first test pilots for the Veritech fighter. Roy leads the famous "Skull Squadron" of the SDF-1 until he is killed in combat by the ace Zentraedi pilot Miriya. His death is a tremendous shock for Rick Hunter, who relies heavily on the veteran pilot for advice.


Japanese Name: Claudia LaSalle
English Voice Actress: Brittany Harlow

Chief Communications Officer of the SDF-1, Claudia Grant always provides a steady presence on the bridge during battle. Claudia was Roy Fokker's lover and is badly shaken by his death. Claudia is also Lisa's best friend, and helps her to sort out her confusing feelings for Rick Hunter. Claudia sacrifices herself in the final battle with Khyron to save Lisa's life.


Japanese Name: Bruno J. Global
English Voice Actor: Guy Garrett
Spanish Voice Actor: Alvaro Tarcicio

An experienced commander and veteran of the global civil war, Captain Gloval is assigned command of the SDF-1. It is largely due to Gloval's tenacity and experience that the SDF-1 is able to make it back to Earth after folding to Pluto. After the destruction of the Earth and defeat of the Zentraedi armada, Gloval becomes supreme commander of the RDF, and begins construction of the SDF-2 to try and prevent another war by making peace with the Robotech Masters. However, Capt. Gloval is killed and the SDF-2 destroyed during Khyron's attack on New Macross.


Japanese Name: Maximilian Jenius
English Voice Actor: Jimmy Flinders
Spanish Voice Actor: Rene Garcia, Raul Aldana (some eps.)

At first Max is an insecure recruit assigned to Lieutenant Rick Hunter during the SDF-1's voyage to Earth. However, Max's phenomenal piloting abilities quickly distinguish him as THE best pilot aboard the SDF-1. This causes him to earn the hatred/respect of Miriya, ace pilot of the Zentraedi. Max defeats Miriya in combat and eventually marries her. Max becomes one of Rick's closest friends after Roy Fokker's death, and becomes the leader of "Skull Squadron" after Rick is promoted to Admiral.


Japanese Name: Hayao Kakizaki
English Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

Another young recruit assigned to Rick Hunter during the SDF-1's voyage, Ben has tremendous courage, determination, and loyalty but only average skill as a fighter pilot. Ben is killed in the line of duty while defending the SDF-1 from Khyron's attacks.


Japanese Name: Lynn Kaifun
English Voice Actor: Eddie Frierson
Spanish Voice Actor: Yamil Atala (first eps.), Jesus Barredo (last eps.)

Lynn Minmei's cousin. Lynn Kyle comes onboard the SDF-1 after it returns to Earth to watch over Minmei and to be reunited with his parents (who Minmei was living with on the SDF-1). A talented actor and skilled martial artist, Lynn Kyle is also a strong believer in peace with the Zentraedi at ANY cost. Kyle becomes Minmei's manager, but the two break up when Kyle becomes discouraged and starts drinking after the destruction of the Earth.


Japanese Name: Kim Kavirov
English Voice Actress: Wendee Swan
Spanish Voice Actress: Sylvia Garcel

Claudia Grant's communication assistant and one of the "bridge bunnies," a trio of bridge officers who are inseparable both on duty and off. Kim is killed during the final battle with Khyron.


Japanese Name: Shammie Milliome
English Voice Actress: Deena Morris
Spanish Voice Actress: Patricia Acevedo

Lisa Hayes' assistant and the youngest member of the bridge crew. Also a member of the "bridge bunnies". Sammie begins to show promise as a talented officer near the end of the series, but is killed in the final attack by Khyron's forces.


Japanese Name: Vanessa Laird
English Voice Actress: Sandra Snow
Spanish Voice Actress: Rocio Garcel, Rocio Prado (some eps.)

Chief Computer Operator on the SDF-1 bridge, and the third member of the "bridge bunnies" trio. Vanessa is also killed by Khyron during the final assault on the SDF-1.


Japanese Name: Vrlitwhai Kridanik
English Voice Actor: Jonathen Alexander
Spanish Voice Actor: Eduardo Borja

Commander of the first Zentraedi fleet that locates the SDF-1 on Earth, Breetai is a skilled and merciless opponent who leads attack after attack on the battle fortress. However, Breetai comes to respect and even admire Earth's culture and eventually defends the SDF-1 during the battle against Dolza's forces. Breetai becomes a strong supporter of Admiral Gloval, Rick Hunter, and Lisa Hayes.


Japanese Name: Exsedol Folmo
English Voice Actor: Leonard Pike
Spanish Voice Actor: Jorge Roig

Breetai's assistant. A fairly brilliant analyst and scientist, Exedore is one of the first to realize the potential that humans possess. Exedore is absolutely loyal to Breetai, and eventually becomes a great supporter of Admiral Gloval, Rick Hunter, and Lisa Hayes.


Japanese Name: Quamzin Kravshera
English Voice Actor: Greg Snow
Spanish Voice Actor: Moises Palacios

Nicknamed "the Backstabber", Khyron is one of the best generals that the Zentraedi fleet has to offer. He is also totally ruthless, often sacrificing his own men if it will earn him a quicker victory. Khyron becomes obsessed with destroying the SDF-1 and constantly launches attacks despite his superior's orders to the contrary. Khyron is eventually killed in a kamikaze attack run on the SDF-1 and SDF-2.


Japanese Name: Milia Fallyna
English Voice Actress: Penny Sweet

A beautiful ace Zentraedi pilot and member of the Quadronos, an elite band of all-female Zentraedi warriors. Miriya is undefeated in combat until she meets Max Sterling. Miriya is so intrigued and infuriated by an opponent that she cannot defeat that she elects to be micronized and enter the SDF-1 secretly to kill Max. However, after being defeated by Max, Miriya falls in love with him and marries him. Max and Miriya have a child named Dana Sterling, who becomes a key character in the second Robotech saga.


Japanese Name: Bodolzaa
English Voice Actor: Mike Reynolds

Supreme Commander of all Zentraedi. Dolza wants to recapture the SDF-1 because he believes it holds a secret that will make the Zentraedi the most powerful race in the galaxy. However, he is unable to comprehend human emotions and orders the Earth destroyed rather than risk the contamination of his fleet. Dolza is killed by the SDF-1's counterattack after the Earth is destroyed.


Japanese Name: Laplamiz
English Voice Actress: Alexandra Kenworthy
Spanish Voice Actress: Rocio Garcel

Commander of the Quadronos and Miriya's superior officer. At first Azonia is extremely loyal to Breetai, but defects to Khyron's side after Dolza is killed. Azonia is killed along with Khyron during their attack on the SDF-1 and SDF-2.


Japanese Name: Warera, Loli, Conda
English Voice Actor: ?????, Axel Roberts, ?????
Spanish Voice Actor: Alvaro Tarcicio, Martin Soto, Moises Palacios

Three Zentraedi spies sent to infiltrate the SDF-1 and learn all they can about human culture. However, they become contaminated by that culture and spread the contamination to Breetai's ships after they return. They become strong supporters of the RDF and good friends of Max and Miriya Sterling during the rebuilding period after Dolza's attack.

The Robotech Masters


Japanese Name: Jeanne Francaix
English Voice Actress: Melissa Newman
Spanish Voice Actress: Monica Manjarrez

The daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling and the first child to result from a union of two races. Dana is among the first to graduate from the new Robotech Military Academy and is very eager to prove herself in combat. Dana has a wild streak that makes her a good leader but a poor follower. Fortunately she is quickly put in charge of the 15th ATAC squadron where she can put her talents to good use. By the end of the second Robotech war Dana has lost her innocence and some of her energetic personality has been replaced with a with pessimism about the future and the coming of the Invid.


Japanese Name: Lana Isavia
English Voice Actress: Penny Sweet
Spanish Voice Actress: Patricia Acevedo

One of the youngest and highest ranking members of the Global Military Police, Nova is a career military officer with a very disciplined spit-and-polish attitude towards the military. This puts her at odds with Dana and her squad, who are much more lax and often bend rules and regulations. Nova and Dana become great rivals, and tension becomes even greater when Zor Prime is captured and becomes part of the ATAC.


Japanese Name: Charles de Touard
English Voice Actor: Kerigan Mahan
Spanish Voice Actor: Jesus Barredo

Formerly a first lieutenant in charge of the 15th ATAC, Sean Phillips is demoted and replaced by Dana after being caught with the daughter of a high- ranking Southern Cross official. A professional womanizer, Sean eventually falls in love (for real) with Marie Crystal. The problem is that Marie has a hard time believing that Sean is sincere in his feelings.


Japanese Name: Bowie Emerson
English Voice Actor: Larry Abraham

In the original scripts for Robotech, Bowie Grant was the younger brother of Claudia Grant, but was later changed to be the nephew of Claudia for the Sentinels story line. Bowie is actually a sensitive and talented musician and is not really suited to the military or combat. The only reason he stays in the military is his loyalty to Dana Sterling, who has been his best friend since childhood. During an invasion of the Robotech Masters' fortress Bowie meets and falls in love with Musica, an alien musician.


Japanese Name: Marie Angel
English Voice Actress: Shirley Roberts

An independent, proud, and skilled pilot for the TASC space forces of the Southern Cross. Like Nova Satori, Marie is a strong believer in discipline which puts her at odds with Dana and crew. Marie's discipline falters slightly, however, when she falls in love with Sean Phillips.


Japanese Name: Andrzej Slawski
English Voice Actor: Drew Thomas

Second in command of the 15th ATAC, Angie is a very no-nonsense down-to-earth kind of guy. At first he has trouble respecting Dana as his commanding officer, but grows to respect the young lady as she leads the 15th to victory time and time again.


Japanese Name: Louis Ducasse
English Voice Actor: David Millbern
Spanish Voice Actor: Moises Palacios

Half punk, half nerd, Louie is the young genius of the 15th ATAC. When not involved in combat, Louie often tinkers around with machinery and mecha, constantly trying to improve them. One of his most clever inventions is the "pupil pistol," an eye-controlled aiming system that was designed to improve Louie's score at a video game. However, Louie gets very upset when the military starts to use his invention to improve the targeting systems of Earth mecha.


Japanese Name: Rolf Emerson
English Voice Actor: Jeffrey Platt
Spanish Voice Actor: Humberto Solorzano

A seasoned veteran and skilled officer, Rolf Emerson is one of the finest generals in the Southern Cross military forces. However, his sense of honor and duty often put him at odds with the more corrupt leaders in the Southern Cross, who usually assign Emerson to dangerous missions in the hopes of getting rid of him. Rolf was named chief guardian of Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant after their parents left on the SDF-3, and the trio has become quite close.


Japanese Name: Claude Leon
English Voice Actor: ?????

Supreme Commander of Earth's military forces, Anatole Leonard is the opposite of Rolf Emerson in almost every way. While Lenoard is a skilled officer and tactical genius, he is also a bigot and very corrupt. He is totally unwilling to negotiate with the Masters, and wants to kill every member of the enemy forces rather than compromise. Leonard's blind hatred of the Masters and anyone who opposes him (like Rolf Emerson) is a primary cause of the destruction of the Southern Cross during the final battles of the second Robotech war.


Japanese Name: The Zor
English Voice Actor: Alex Gregory

The immortal lords of Robotechnology who corrupted Zor's original discoveries into terrible weapons of war. The Robotech Masters were once the leaders of a vast intergalactic empire. However, the destruction of the Zentraedi and constant attacks from the Invid have greatly weakened the Masters' forces to the point where they can no longer maintain their empire. In order to survive, the Masters MUST retrieve the Protoculture Matrix from the wreck of the SDF-1 on Earth, even if they have to kill all of humanity to do it.


Japanese Name: Seifrietti Weisse
English Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter

Zor Prime is a clone of the original Zor, the "father" of Protoculture. The Robotech Masters use Zor Prime first as a soldier and then as a spy in an effort to find a way to defeat the Earth forces. However, Zor's advanced intellect allow him to eventually overcome the Masters' programming and remember who and what he is. Zor Prime dedicates himself to destroying the Masters and preventing the Invid from destroying Earth. Although he succeeds in the first task, he fails to destroy the flower of life, instead scattering the seeds all over Earth and guaranteeing the arrival of the Invid. Zor Prime sacrifices his own life in the wasted effort to destroy the flower at the end of the second series.


Japanese Name: Musika
English Voice Actress: Chelsea Victoria Spanish Voice Actress: Patricia Acevedo

One of the Masters' clones and a member of a trio of musicians, Musica is charged with playing music that keeps the other clones of the Masters passive and obedient. Musica meets Bowie Grant during a Southern Cross invasion of the Masters' fortress, and the two instantly fall in love. Bowie opens Musica's mind to new possibilities, and as a result Musica rebels against the Masters' control.

The New Generation


Japanese Name: Stick Bernard English Voice Actor: Greg Snow

Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) Pilot and sole survivor of the Mars Division assault on Reflex Point, Scott Bernard has one goal; defeat the Invid at ANY cost. After surviving crash-landing on Earth, Scott tries to recruit others who are willing to fight the Invid, and eventually succeeds in gathering a group of freedom fighters to help him in his quest. Scott is very determined and single-minded at the start of the series, but starts to lighten up when he meets and falls in love with Marlene, who reminds him of his former girlfriend who was killed in battle. Scott's world is turned upside-down when he learns that Marlene is actually an Invid; a member of the race he is trying to destroy.


Japanese Name: Yellow Belmont
English Voice Actor: Jimmy Flinders
Spanish Voice Actor: Martin Soto

A skilled pilot and freedom fighter who joins up with the team in the third episode. In order to escape the Invid, Lancer created the female personality of Yellow Dancer and uses her to do undercover work for the team. Near the end of the series Lancer falls in love with an Invid named Sera, and together they help to form a tentative peace between both sides at the end of the series.


Japanese Name: Ray
English Voice Actor: Anthony Wayne

A young and arrogant wanderer/freedom fighter, Rand is a self-taught survivor. When Rand meets and joins up with Scott Bernard, he begins to learn the value of friendship and teamwork and becomes less of a loner. Rand falls in love with Rook early on in the series, but it takes nearly until the end of the series before she returns the feelings.


Japanese Name: Fuke Eroze
English Voice Actress: ?????

Rook grew up among the ruins and gang wars that followed the Second Robotech War, and learned how to be tough and independent at an early age. In fact, she has built up so much emotional armor around herself that she has trouble relating to other people. Like Rand, though, she eventually learns to drop her armor and care for other people again while being part of Scott's team. Near the end of the series Rook falls in love with Rand.


Japanese Name: Mint Rubble
English Voice Actress: Mary Cobb

The youngest member of the resistance fighters, Annie is a spunky and obnoxious little girl who always wants to be in the middle of the action (often getting in over her head). Despite her annoying and troublesome antics her teammates love her and would go to great lengths for her.


Japanese Name: Jim Austin
English Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

An ex-Southern Cross mechanic, Lunk is a good source of technical and moral support for the rest of the team. However, Lunk himself is plagued with worries and insecurities from his actions during the initial invasion of the Invid, where he was forced to run away and watch as friends of his were killed. Lunk desperately wants to prove to himself that he has courage, and believes that he can do that by staying with Scott's team.


Japanese Name: Marlene
English Voice Actress: Melanie MacQueen

Marlene is the first humanoid Invid created by the Regis (see below) to spy on Scott Bernard's team. However, during her insertion into the team she is hurt and loses all of her memory. Believing her to be a wounded human female, the team takes her in and cares for her. Through them Marlene learns human customs and emotions, and eventually falls in love with Scott Bernard. Though shocked when she rediscovers that she is an Invid, Marlene recovers and manages (along with Sera) to convince the Regis to flee Earth rather than fight to the finish.


Japanese Name: Refles
English Voice Actress: Celena Banas

The supreme ruler of the Invid. The Regis has one overall goal; the evolution and survival of her race. Intelligent and ruthless, she is completely intolerant of humans, who remind her of the Robotech Masters who destroyed her homeworld long ago. What the Regis doesn't realize, however, is that she is acting just like those same Masters that she hates. Sera and Marlene are eventually able to convince her to leave Earth rather than continue a war that may destroy both races.


Japanese Name: Sorji
English Voice Actress: Barbara Goodson

Along with Corg, Sera is the result of the Regis' second attempt to create a humanoid Invid. At first a cunning and ruthless warrior, she eventually falls prey to human emotions and begins to fall in love with Lancer. Although she has trouble understanding these newfound feelings, she eventually realizes the futility of her races' actions and helps Marlene to convince the Regis to flee Earth.


Japanese Name: Batra
English Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter

Another humanoid Invid created by the Regis, Corg also falls victim to human emotions like Marlene and Sera. However, instead of friendship and love Corg learns hate and aggression, and directs his violent feelings towards his enemies. An extremely skilled fighter, he is responsible for many REF deaths during the final battle and almost succeeds in killing Lancer, Rook, and Rand. He is finally defeated and killed by Scott Bernard in the final episode.


Robotech FAQ 0.99
Dec 30th, 1999

The Macross Saga

1 Boobytrap The SDF-1 comes to Earth.
2 Countdown Rick Hunter encounters the giant Zentraedi.
3 Space Fold The SDF-1 is stranded near Pluto.
4 The Long Wait Rick and Minmei are trapped, alone together.
5 Transformation The SDF-1 adopts an Attack Mode.
6 Blitzkreig Lisa Hayes conceives the Daedalus Attack.
7 Bye-Bye Mars Khyron attacks the SDF-1 on Mars.
8 Sweet Sixteen Rick is promoted and Minmei has a birthday.
9 Miss Macross The Zentraedi monitor a TV beauty contest.
10 Blind Game Rick and his team are captured by the Zentraedi.
11 First Contact The Zentraedi are terrorized by human affection.
12 The Big Escape Miriya plants micronized Zentraedi spies.
13 Blue Wind The SDF-1 finally makes it back to Earth.
14 Gloval's Report Captain Gloval summarizes the story so far.
15 Homecoming Minmei visits her parents and returns with Kyle.
16 Battle Cry Rick's has a near-fatal accident in combat.
17 Phantasm Rick has a bizarre dream.
18 Farewell, Big Brother Max battles Miriya and Roy is fatally wounded.
19 Bursting Point The Omnidirectional Barrier kills Ben Dixon.
20 Paradise Lost The "Small White Dragon" cast party.
21 A New Dawn Rick and Lisa become allies in adversity.
22 Battle Hymn Khyron leads his troops into the SDF-1.
23 Reckless Some Zentraedi desert and are given asylum.
24 Showdown Lisa leaves the SDF-1; Max meets Miriya.
25 Wedding Bells Max & Miriya are married, and fly together, too.
26 The Messenger Exedore warns the SDF-1 of impending disaster.
27 Force of Arms Rick and Lisa are reunited; the SDF-1 triumphs.
28 Reconstruction Blues The SDF-1 crew now build their lives on Earth.
29 Robotech Masters The Robotech Masters set off for Earth.
30 Viva Miriya A Zentraedi factory satellite is captured.
31 Khyron's Revenge Malcontent Zentraedi on Earth oppose the humans.
32 Broken Heart Rick rescues Minmei from Khyron.
33 A Rainy Night Lisa and Claudia Grant talk about Roy and Rick.
34 Private Time Minmei comes between Lisa and Rick.
35 Season's Greetings Khyron prepares for a final attack on the SDF-1.
36 To the Stars The SDF-1 is destroyed; Rick and Lisa make up.

The Robotech Masters

37 Dana's Story The Robotech Masters engage the humans in combat.
38 False Start Dana Sterling is put in charge of her squadron.
39 Southern Cross Dana repels the Bioroids and is promoted.
40 Volunteers In Earth orbit, Dana panics under fire.
41 Half Moon Bowie Grant is captured by the Robotech Masters.
42 Danger Zone Dana's squadron takes down an enemy Fortress.
43 Prelude to Battle Bowie is arrested by the Global Military Police.
44 The Trap Inside the Master's ship, Bowie meets Musica.
45 Metal Fire Dana argues that the enemy aren't androids.
46 Stardust A GMP agent assists Dana in fighting the Masters.
47 Outsiders A single ship from the REF returns to Earth.
48 Deja Vu Dana meets the captured Bioroid pilot, Zor.
49 A New Recruit Zor unwittingly becomes a spy for the Masters.
50 Triumvirate Invid Flowers of Life are found inside the SDF-1.
51 Clone Chamber Marie Crystal's team rescue the Earth Fleet.
52 Love Song General Emerson is assigned to a combat mission.
53 The Hunters The military perverts Louie Nichols' invention.
54 Mind Game Dana's squad is sent to help Emerson's fleet.
55 Dana in Wonderland The humans encounter the Masters' society.
56 Crisis Point In the Masters' ship, Zor and Musica find Dana.
57 Daydreamer Zor, Musica and Dana's squad return to Earth.
58 Final Nightmare Zor suffers a flashback inside the SDF-1 ruins.
59 The Invid Connection The Masters issue an ultimatum to Earth.
60 Catastrophe Zor destroys the Masters, but attracts the Invid.

The New Generation

61 The Invid Invasion Scott Bernard crash lands on the planet Earth.
62 The Lost City Annie joins Scott and Rand against the Invid.
63 Lonely Soldier Boy Rook, Lancer and Lunk join the team.
64 Survival The Invid sense the Protoculture in the mecha.
65 Curtain Call Scott's team pull off a Protoculture raid.
66 Hard Times Rook has a violent bout with her past.
67 Paper Hero Lunk tries to fulfill a friend's dying wish.
68 Eulogy Scott meets his hero, Colonel Jonathan Wolff.
69 The Genesis Pit Invid evolution experiments are discovered.
70 Enter Marlene An amnesiac woman joins Scott and company.
71 The Secret Route Lancer falls foul of his old flame, Carla.
72 The Fortress A decisive victory for Scott and the others.
73 Sandstorm Rand has a dream influenced by the Invid.
74 Annie's Wedding Annie woos a young would-be tribal warrior.
75 Separate Ways The teams' personal conflicts become arguments.
76 Metamorphosis The Regiss creates two new humanoid agents.
77 The Midnight Sun The Invid Sera is disturbed upon seeing Lancer.
78 Ghost Town Word of a new REF offensive reaches Scott.
79 Frostbite Marlene puts a dent in Scott's emotional armor.
80 Birthday Blues "Mint" LaBelle has the best birthday ever!
81 Hired Gun Rook meets a man with a cruel vendetta.
82 The Big Apple An attack on an Invid hive in New York City.
83 Reflex Point Scott discovers that Marlene is an Invid.
84 Dark Finale The team joins the REF in a final assault.
85 Symphony of Light The Regiss changes form and leaves the Earth.

The Sentinels

I A New Threat The SDF-3 is ready to start its mission to the Robotech Masters homeworld.
II The Inroganics The Invid release the Inorganics to invade Tirol.
III Wedding Day Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter, finnaly get married aboard the Factory Satellite.
Note: The three Sentinels episodes were put together as a movie.


Robotech FAQ 0.99
Robotech Reference Guide
Dec 30th, 1999

Perhaps the most hotly debated portion of the Robotech universe is the timeline. Very few dates are given in the show, and competing (and contradictory) chronologies are given in the novels and the role-playing game. Indeed, the former two sources even contradict the show on several points. Furthermore, the timeline from the McKinney novels directly contradicts the series in many places. So what is known, from just the television show itself? And is it possible to make a coherent timeline, just using the show?

The Macross Saga

  1. The SDF-1 lands on Earth in 1999. This is made explicit in the narration in the episode "Boobytrap".

  2. The SDF-1 is completed, and the Zentraedi first arrive, in 2009. This is established in both narration and in the caption on a time-lapsed sequence of the repair work on the SDF-1, also from "Boobytrap".

  3. It takes the SDF-1 12 months to return to Earth from the fold. This is established in the episode "Homecoming". Earth is bombarded some months after.

  4. The show picks up again approximately 'two years' later, according to the narration. The time seems to be early Autumn, as it begins to snow only a few episodes later. Dana Sterling is several months old by this time. See "Reconstruction Blues", et al.

  5. In "Private Time", Rick and Minmei are reminiscing. Rick says that his first date with Minmei was "over four years ago" (counting it out on his fingers); this in all liklihood refers to their meeting in the park before Rick's first mission in "Blitzkrieg". In addition, Kyle tells Minmei that he's worked hard to develop har gift over the last four years - probabally referring to his arrival on the Battlefortress about 12 months after her initial departure from Earth.

  6. The episode "Season's Greetings" is set at Christmas.

  7. The episode "To the Stars" takes place soon after that, either in late December or (less likely) in early January. A picture album closes at the end of the episode, with the words "So long...2012" written on it, possibly indicating the date of the end of the show. Picking January 2012 produces problems getting the cues from "Reconstruction Blues" and "Homecoming" to fit, so the most likely date for "To the Stars", assuming the accuracy of this reference, is December 2012.

There's a bit of a problem here. If one accepts the two references from "Private Time", one gets the date of "To the Stars" as sometime after Dec 25, 2013, probabally as late as January 2014. However, the writing on the photo album hints at 2012. As we have hit an internal contradiction, one must make a judgement call. As the photo album's date is of uncertain context, I feel it is outweighed by the two references in "Private Time". The best date for the destruction of the SDF-1, in my opinion, is January 2014, and the following discussion assumes that date.

The Robotech Masters

  1. Leonard's speech in "Dana's Story" indicates that this episode takes place exactally fifteen years after the destruction of the SDF-1 and -2. This puts "Dana's Story" around December 2028 or January 2029. "False Start", the next episodes, takes place an appreciable time later - time enough for the crisis caused by the attack on Moon Base Luna in "Dana's Story" to have subsided, and for more people to have been sent there (this is known because Liberty, which was not cut off until the beginning of "False Start", tries to radio Luna. If Luna had no one on it by the beginning of "False Start", Liberty would have known that.

  2. Dana is still a teenager (less than 19), but she is a graduate of the Robotech Academy (can't be too young). This is established in the episode "False Start". If she is born in 2012 (from above), then a good guess for the arrival of the Robotech Masters would be between 2028 and 2031.

  3. Major Carpenter's aide refers to their ship as their home for 15 years in the episode "Outsiders", limiting the date of the departure of the REF.

  4. A major task force arrives from hyperspace to aid the Southern Cross in "Mind Games" - every indication is given that this group is from the SDF-3 Pioneer Mission (though that is not explicitly stated). In "Eulogy", Wolff is said to have been sent to Earth with the "first wave against the Robotech Masters". Carpenter's ship could hardly be counted a wave, but this fleet could. In other words, it's very likely that Wolff arrived with the fleet from hyperspace in "Mind Games".

  5. The cues from the climate and foliage seem to indicate that the entire saga, from "Dana's Story" to "Catastrophe", lasts on the order of a year and a half.

The New Generation

  1. Most of the crew has never seen Earth, and was born on a Robotech ship in deep space, established in "The Invid Invasion"; if the median age of the crew were 22, then that means that this episode is set 22 years after the departure of the REF.

  2. The Invid seem to have run Earth for many years. This is especially true from the scenes in "The Secret Route". Carla and Lancer have not seen each other in three years. When Lancer crashed, three years plus the time the two spent as refugees together ago, the Invid had a network of sympathizers already.

  3. Scott was a kid (10?) when Wolff departed for Earth, from the episode "Eulogy". Wolff was also sent with the "first wave against the Robotech Masters". See above.

  4. A crashed vessel from the expeditionary force is seen in "Ghost Town". Its crew are old men, in their sixties and seventies, except for one man in his late forties (who doesn't seem, from the way he's treated, to be part of the crew). They are said to have been sent to help fight the Robotech Masters.

  5. Lunk apparently made his promise to Nader "a year ago, during the Invid invasion". This contradicts everything else in this section - and is most likely an error of some sort. Lunk could have meant 'occupation' rather than 'invasion', but there is no good resolution for this reference, other than that it is another internal contradiction.

  6. The pacing of the episodes seems to indicate that Scott crashes to Earth in the Southern Hemisphere spring (September). The group is expecting the onset of the Southern Hemisphere's winter in "The Secret Route" (implying July or so), travels to the Northern Hemisphere to see another winter in "The Midnight Sun" and "Frostbite" (implying December or January), up through perhaps a Northern Hemisphere summer (July or so) by the battle of Reflex Point. All in all, about a year and a half, perhaps a little more, appears to pass from "The Invid Invasion" to "Symphony of Light".

The Sentinels

  1. Lisa tells Rick that he's had "nine years to prepare for this mission [to Tirol], not to mention our marriage". The narrator also tells us that the RDF suffered from ten years of inactivity and overconfidence. From the best date we can get for the end of Macross (when Rick first learned of the mission - as well as the earliest possible date at which he could have become engaged to Lisa), this would indicate that the REF left in 2022, which coincides with the date Macek gives for it in _Robotech Art 3_.

Obviously, it is difficult to generate a calendar that agrees with every cue from the series - because there are vestiges of the pre-Robotech plot-lines still in the dialogue, and some outright errors (Lunk, in "Paper Hero", places the Invid invasion a mere year before that episode, in contradiction to every other cue).

As an alternative to those in the novels and the RPG, this FAQ includes a composite solution. Built from the original Macross timeline by Shoji Kawamori (which was modified to include specific changes in the Robotech version), the events of the Sentinels as described by Macek in _Robotech Art 3_, and the extrapolations of fanfic authors Peter Walker and Aubry Thonon. The full technique for deriving the core of timeline is discussed in the essay "A Methodology for Constructing a Coherent Timeline for the Robotech Television Series", by Peter Walker (

ROBOTECH Chronology

Compiled by:
Aubry Thonon
Peter Walker

Sources: MACROSS CHRONOLOGY by Kawamori Shooji
from Macross Perfect Memory, pg. 54 - 55
Copyright 1983 by Minori Library, Big West and MBS
Published Aug. 10, 1984 by Minori Library
Original Translation 1990 by Michael House
Additional fact-checking by Egan Loo

ROBOTECH ART 3 by Carl Macek
Copyright 1988 by Carl Macek
Published July 1988 by Donning/Starblaze

Note: The Sentinels storyline is inspired by Macek's outlines in "Robotech: Art 3", and not the McKinney novels. The version of the timeline published here omits all explicit fanfic references and hypothetical pre- and post-Robotech timelines. A full version of this timeline can be obtained at The Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide site at the Historical Essays section.

Also, the McKinney version and other timelines can be found at The Disciples of Zor site at the Robotech/Macross Timelines section

And the Macross Chronology can be found at the Macross Compendium site

Feb, 1996

World War III. No nuclear weapons are used, but several chemical and biological weapons are tested. WWIII continues until July 1999.

Dec, 1996

First introduction of power armor in the US, CIS (former Russian Independent State) and Japanese forces.

Jan, 1998

Experimental nuclear fusion reactor at Princeton achieves break-even point.

Feb, 1999

Zor killed by an Invid ambush on a seeding mission. Macross is sent to Earth.
Invid closing on Imperial core systems.

Jul, 1999

A colossal meteorite impacts with Earth, coming to rest on South Atalia Island.
Investigation reveals that it is an alien spacecraft. It is code-named ASS-1 (Alien Star Ship). Public announcements are that an asteroid 3 km in diameter, composed of great quantities of metal, impacted with Earth. The matter is treated as top secret until the chaos and confusion are brought under control. What begins as an emergency meeting between the heads of the US and Russia becomes an assembly of all nations.

Aug, 1999

UN Investigating Teams organized. Precise, accurate, minute investigation of ASS-1 begins. South Atalia Island designated UN sphere of jurisdiction.

Sep, 1999

Robotech Masters authorize Dolza to use 'any means necessary' to recapture Zor's Fortress.

Dec, 1999

According to first report of the study of ASS-1, it is discovered that the alien spacecraft is a warship, and its crew are fully five times the size of human beings.
Terrified by the all too real prospect of invasion from deep space, a project is begun to unite Earth into one nation.

Mar, 2000

Otech Corporation, a research organization analyzing the alien technology, is established through joint Japanese-US-Russian-German-English-French collaboration.

Apr, 2000

Development of weapons systems for use in combat against the giants begins.

Jun, 2000

Aliens' existence formally announced (excepting the fact of their size, which is kept top secret). Following this, framing plan for United Earth Government officially proclaimed.

Jul, 2000

Outbreak of conflict in the Middle East.
The disputes and rebellions and civil wars frequently occurring hereafter in various parts of the world, coupled with World War III, came to be known (somewhat inaccurately) as the Global Civil War.

Oct, 2000

Construction of the gigantic, permanent, Apollo Lunar Base begins in the Sea of Tranquillity, later known as Moon Base Luna.
A civilian station is also begun on the moon's surface, known as Advance Lunar Chemical and Engineering station (ALuCE-1). Plans are made (but are never realized) for a second ALuCE base.

Jan, 2001

United Earth Government inaugurated.
Founding Prime Minister, Harlan J Niven.
United Earth Forces established.

Feb, 2001

Repair and remodeling of ASS-1 for use as main battleship of United Earth Forces begins, with Otech Corporation as heart of project.
ASS-1 renamed SDF-1 (Super Dimension Fortress-1) "Macross", the apparent name of the vessel in the language of its original owners. Estimated date of launch: May, 2006. Much of Earth's industrial economy is diverted to the space effort.

Mar, 2001

Announcement of the discovery of a large number of major material science advances by Otech.

May, 2001

Construction of giant space manufacturing station begins at L-5, in Lunar orbit.

Jul, 2001

Construction of permanent base on Mars, named Sara, begins.
Civilians begin to immigrate to South Atalia Island, to work on repair of SDF-1. South Atalia Island renamed Macross Island.

Aug, 2001

Theory of SDF-1's thermonuclear Reflex system explained. Reflex Engines still a mystery.

Sep, 2001

The "Destroid System," ground-combat anti-giant weaponry, begins trial production.

Nov, 2001

Theory of firing system for SDF-1's main cannon explained.

Feb, 2002

Tentative plan introduced for variable all-purpose combat system for use against the giants.

Mar, 2002

Grand Cannon Theory finished.

May, 2002

Construction of United Earth Military Anti-Stellar-Warfare Headquarters begins, in Alaska. On the same site, Grand Cannon No. 1 is begun.

Jul, 2002

First Battle for Macross Island fought against the Anti-Unification Forces.

Nov, 2002

First successful test of an Earth-made protoculture Reflex plant, at Otech Corporation. What is known of the principles behind protoculture is kept top secret.

Apr, 2003

Construction of Armored Series of space carriers begins, as well as space destroyers, at the L-5 manufacturing station.

Nov, 2003

In a factory beneath Apollo Lunar Base, using feedback from repair work on SDF-1, construction begins on SDF-2, a massive space battleship purely of terrestrial design.

Mar, 2004

Construction on Grand Cannon No. 2 begins in the Australian Autonomous Region.

Sep, 2004

Super miniaturized protoculture power- plant finished by Otech. Understanding of alien technologies minimal but sufficient to adapt systems on SDF-1 to Terran weaponry and mechanisms.

Oct, 2004

Grand Cannon No. 3 planned in South America, in the Brazil Autonomous Region.

Nov, 2004

Increases in defense expenses for the SDF-1 Restoration Project cause deterioration of world economy, forcing drastic delays in the restoration.

Jan, 2005

Rioting breaks out in Kazakhstan, Central Asia Autonomous Region.
The Second Battle for Macross Island is fought.

Mar, 2005

The first Ophelia-class Space Destroyer is commissioned.

Apr, 2005

Harlan J Niven, Founding Prime Minister of the United Earth Government, is assassinated. His successor is Robert A Rhysling.

Jul, 2005

Frequent occurrences of guerrilla warfare all over America.

Aug, 2005

Withdrawal from Mars Base after threat of destruction by the Anti-Unification Forces.

Sep, 2005

To inaugurate the Anti-Unification Forces' Space Force, the third Ophelia-class Space Destroyer to be commissioned is hijacked and, in that raid, the return fleet from Mars is destroyed. A UEG Space Destroyer quickly tracks down and destroys the rogue ship.

Nov, 2005

In a retaliatory attack, the United Forces' Grand Cannon No. 2 is destroyed during construction in Australia. Efforts moved to Grand Cannon No. 3 in Brazil.

Dec, 2005

The giant semi-submersible aircraft carrier Prometheus, CVS-101 (later designated simply as "assault carrier"), is commissioned, for Robotic Technology Mechanism use.

Jan, 2006

First recorded usage of the words "Robotech Mecha" as an abbreviation of Robotic Technology Mechanism.

Mar, 2006

Grand Cannon No. 4 planned in the Lunar North Polar Region.

Apr, 2006

The gigantic assault landing ship Daedalus, SLV-111, is commissioned.

May, 2006

Outbreak of the Third Battle for Macross Island.

Jun, 2006

Decision made to develop the MBR-04 series of Destroids.

Oct, 2006

In the Central Russia Administrative Region, the Anti-Unification Army uses tactical nuclear weapons to annihilate St. Petersburg.

Nov, 2006

Battle for Macross Island ends.

Jan, 2007

Global Civil War concluded. Training Center for crew of SDF-1 established on Macross Island.

Mar, 2007

The VF-X1, prototype of the variable-combat machines, begins flight testing.

May, 2007

Stationing of Destroids aboard the SLV-111 Daedelus begins.

Jul, 2007

Grand Cannon No. 5 planned in the Victorian Autonomous Region, Africa.

Sep, 2007

MBR-04 mk III Destroid Tomahawk enters service.

Oct, 2007

Testing of the VF-X1's usefulness in space begins.

Jan, 2008

MBR-07 mk I Destroid Spartan enters service.

Mar, 2008

Decision made to formally introduce the VF-X1. Mass production of the VF-1 series begins. Variable Fighter series code-named "Valkyries". First recorded usage of the words "Veritech Mecha" as an abbreviation of Variable Technology Mechanism.

May, 2008

Space Carrier ARMD-1 and ARMD-2 commissioned.

Oct, 2008

ARMD-3 and ARMD-10 commissioned. ARMD-10 is a new design, specialized (unlike the others) for Valkyrie Veritechs.

Feb, 2009

HWR-00 mk I Destroid Monster enters service.

Mar, 2009

VF-1 series begins deployment for actual combat. (However, usage is limited to aircraft configuration only, for reasons of internal security.)
ARMD-4 and ARMD-5 commissioned.
ADR-04 mk X Destroid Defender enters service.

Jun 23-30, 2009

Launching ceremonies for SDF-1 Macross scheduled.

Jun 27, 2009

A Zentraedi fleet, commanded by Breetai, arrives in the solar system.
Outbreak of First Robotech War between Earth and the Zentraedi. ARMD-01, -02, -03 and -10, as well as four Ophelia-class Space Destroyers, are destroyed in the initial battle. Macross makes a serious mistake in Fold navigation, sending it, without the Fold System, to Pluto's orbit.

Jul, 2009

ARMD carrier production resumes.
City completed within Macross.

Jul 22, 2009

Macross Transformation.

Aug, 2009

ARMD-6 commissioned.
SDR-04 mk XII Destroid Phalanx enters service.

Sep 14, 2009

Macross engages in the Battle of Saturn's Rings. Daedelus Maneuver first used.

Oct, 2009

ARMD-7 commissioned.

Jan, 2010

ARMD-8 commissioned.

Feb 12, 2010

Macross engages in Battle of Mars Base.
Mars Base Sara is destroyed during the battle.

Apr, 2010

Macross shipboard TV station begins broadcasting.

May, 2010

First Officer Lisa Hayes and several pilots are captured by the Zentraedi and are interrogated by Dolza, the Zentraedi Supreme Commander. At the same time they are rescued, three Zentraedi spies infiltrate the SDF-1.

Jun 12, 2010

Macross returns to Earth. Captain Gloval reports his experiences to the General Staff.

Jun 25, 2010

Khyron launches an unauthorized attack on the SDF-1, sitting in the Pacific Ocean.
Rick Hunter is injured by friendly fire.

Jul 8, 2010

Miriya Paarino launches her first attack against the SDF-1, and is beaten by Max Sterling.
Roy Fokker is killed in the battle.

Jul 21, 2010

Rick Hunter returns to active duty, now as the SDF-1's Commander Air Group.

Jul 28, 2010

During an attack by Zentraedi starships on the SDF-1 in Earth's atmosphere, Ottawa and much of the surrounding countryside is destroyed when Macross' omnidirectional barrier overloads.
Breetai given command of the Imperial Class "Ado" fleet.

Aug 14, 2010

Macross, under orders to sortie away from Earth, once again leaves Earth's atmosphere.
Zentraedi spies return to their fleet and report their findings. Zentraedi soldiers begin to be contaminated by culture.

Nov, 2010

Grand Cannon No. 1 completed in Alaska.

Feb 7, 2011

The film "Zhao Bai Lung" (Small White Dragon) premieres.

Apr 13, 2011

The Zentraedi launch a major assault against the SDF-1, taking advantage of the Daedelus attack. Macross City is badly damaged in the fighting, though the Zentraedi are beaten back.
Zentraedi begin seeking refuge aboard Macross.

May 15, 2011

Lisa Hayes returns to Earth in an attempt to convince the United Earth High Command to use the Zentraedi defectors as a starting point for negotiations with the Zentraedi.

May 29, 2011

The interstellar wedding of the Terran Maxmillian Sterling and the Zentraedi Miriya Paarino is broadcast.

Jun 18, 2011

A peace agreement is reached between Macross and Breetai's fleet.
Dolza's Grand Fleet arrives in the solar system, leaving the Tirolian Empire virtually undefended. Earth is heavily bombarded from orbit. Dolza's fleet is annihilated through Operation "Lynn Minmei". Surface battle begins.

Jul, 2011

First Robotech War ends. Atmospheric purification operation executed.

Nov, 2011

United Earth Government re-established.
Education and micronization of Zentraedi begins.

May, 2012

Reconstruction of New Macross City well underway.
Restoration of Nature Project begins.

Jun, 2012

Construction begins anew on SDF-2, now christened "Megalord," at New Macross, the ship having been transferred from Apollo Lunar Base.
First mixed-breed birth, to Max and Miriya Sterling.

Nov, 2012

UEG appropriates funds for the development of new classes of Veritechs, Destroids and combat spacecraft.

Dec, 2012

Repairs to Breetai's ship are completed, and it is recommissioned as the flagship of the New United Forces.
Percentage of Zentraedi converted to Micronians exceeds 50%.

Aug, 2013

Rioting by Zentraedi the world over begins occurring. Patrols begin for sake of maintaining public law and order.

Sep, 2013

Study of plan for project for voyage to Robotech Masters' home-world begins.

Oct, 2013

Armed resistance by Zentraedi breaks out.
Operation to seize Factory Satellite begins.
Robotech Masters depart Tirol for Earth.

Nov, 2013

Factory Satellite arrives at Earth, soon breaking down. Extensive repairs will be needed for even partial function of the facility. Factory Satellite is renamed Space Station Liberty.
Zentraedi attack on New Detroit leads to the capture of a sizing chamber.
Khyron's group goes into action. The Lynn Minmei hostage operation.

Dec 24, 2013

Khyron captures a Protoculture Generator.

Jan 8, 2014

Battle for New Macross City. SDF-1 and -2 are destroyed.
Project for pioneer mission to Tirol is made public.

Feb, 2014

Several Nations declare independence of the UEG.

Mar, 2014

Zentraedi Control Zone is defined. RDF surrounds the Zone with troops and tries to minimize the Zentraedi threat.
Skull squadron liberates Brazilian Grand Cannon.

Feb, 2015

Army of the Southern Cross is formally established. Construction of the Monument City Southern Cross Headquarters is begun.
Chimera-class escorts (CTC) enter service.

Dec, 2014

Tristar-class light cruisers enter service.

Mar, 2015

XAF-3 Alpha pilotless prototype completed and tested.

Apr, 2015

VHT-1 Veritech Hovertank enters service.

May, 2015

First Tokugawa-class battlecarrier commissioned.
Breetai's flagship, the last operational Zentraedi vessel remaining in Terran space, is decommissioned and its parts form the core of the new SDF-3, now being designed at the Robotech Factory Satellite.

Aug, 2015

Battle-class heavy destroyers (DSS) enter service.

Jan, 2016

More nations declare independence of UEG.

May, 2016

SF-6 Vulture space fighter enters service.

May, 2017

VAF-5A Alpha fighter enters production.

Oct, 2017

Development of the new Destroids begins.
# First Hargun prototype completed.
Development delayed due to REF priority.

Aug, 2018

Command staff of the SDF-3 selected, and the ship's construction is begun.
Development of the Logan and Hovertank begins.

Apr, 2019

ADR-10 mk I Catapult enters service.

Apr, 2021

MBR-09 mk II Gladiator enters service.

Jul, 2021

Z1 REF Zentraedi Battle Pod enters service.

Nov, 2021

Z2 REF Zentraedi Officer's Pod enters service.

Dec, 2021

MBR-10 mk II Excalibur enters service.


Troops for REF are selected. Ultimately - including troops, ships' crews, reserves, support and dependents - 210,000 Terrans and 23,000 micronized Zentraedi will make the journey to Tirol.

Mar, 2022

SDR-10 mk II Shark enters service.

Dec, 2022

XAF-6 Alpha and XBF-1 Beta docking first tested with mixed success by pilots Max Sterling and Karen Penn. both planes immediately enter production as the VAF-6 and VBF-1.
Invid invade Tirol, conquering it swiftly.
Hunters are wed.
SDF-3 departs for Tirol.
Southern Cross takes possession of all RDF bases and facilities. Apollo Lunar Base is redesignated Moon Base Luna.
The Factory Satellite (aka SS Liberty) folds one final time to the asteroid belt to serve as a hyperspace relay station to the fleet.


Southern Cross Battloids and AJACS are developed.

Jan, 2023

REF arrives in the Valivarre system and begins to liberate Tirol from the Invid.

Mar 3, 2023

Scott Bernard born on Tirol.

Jul, 2023

Tiresia Base is completed and staffed by REF troops. Massive relief effort for the Tirolian citizenry begins.

Jan, 2024

Sentinels' ship Farrago arrives at Tirol.
After heated debate, much of the REF splits off from Tirol and joins the Sentinels.

Mar, 2024

# MODAT conceived as a next-generation Hargun.

May, 2024

Logan enters service as the premier Southern Cross light Veritech fighter.

Apr, 2025

Karbarra is liberated.

Jun, 2025

# Harguns enter service with the Southern Cross.

Sep, 2025

Praxian campaign begins.

Jun, 2026

# MODAT 1 completed. Weapon system enhanced. Hargun system successful and in production at Tokyo facilities, slowing MODAT development.

Dec, 2026

Praxis liberated. Sentinels proceed to Garuda.

Jan, 2027

# MODATs 2, 3, 4, and 5 built as variant prototypes.

May, 2027

# Space Harguns enter service with the Southern Cross' Cosmic Unit.

Nov, 2027

Garuda is liberated. Many soldiers breathe Garudan air, forcing the Sentinels to delay while the soldiers receive treatment.

Jan, 2028

Katana-class destroyers enter service with REF.

Jun, 2028

Sentinels arrive at Haydon IV.

Jan, 2029

Robotech Masters arrive and attack Moon Base Luna.
# One of the Masters' motherships tries to steal the EVE memory core by inserting a clone simulagent of a Southern Cross soldier, B.D. Andrews, who is assigned to the Robotech Research Center in charge of the EVE computer.
Todd Harris shot to death by B.D. Andrews' forces, after passing the MODAT 5 to his civilian friend Mark Landry. The simulagent begins transmitting the contents of the computer core to an abandoned Earth satellite, to be intercepted by the Robotech Masters.
Mark Landry attempts to expose the Andrews' simulagent with the help of EVE. Threatened by a minister in the Earth Government, the simulagent stages a coup in Japan, only to be killed by Landry.

Mar, 2029

Anatole Leonard becomes Field Marshall.
Southern Cross strengthens its forces, anticipating a new invasion. The previous incident is kept a tight secret, although rumors of the prior attack abound.
Haydon IV is liberated. Sentinels proceed to Spheris.

Apr, 2029

Second Robotech War begins when the Robotech Masters descend en masse on Earth and destroy Earth's satellite network. Contact with Space Station Liberty cut off.

Jun, 2029

Contact with Space Station Liberty re- established. Message is sent to the REF requesting assistance in defending the homeworld.

Jul, 2029

A Tirolian system battleship descends to Earth to excavate the ruins of the SDF-1. The ship is discovered by a patrol of the 15th ATAC. After a soldier is taken prisoner by the Masters, the 15th launches an unauthorized rescue attempt, which turns into a full assault when Southern Cross reinforcements arrive. The prisoner is rescued, and the alien ship is driven from the surface.

Aug, 2029

First Robotech Master flagship is downed by the 15th ATAC.
15th ATAC penetrates downed flagship on a recon mission.

Sept, 2029

Downed Robotech Masters flagship docks with another mothership, and the two lift free of Earth.
Zor Prime is captured by the Southern Cross.
Carpenter leaves in Tokugawa for Earth.
Edwards makes a secret pact with the Regent.
MBR-12 Destroid Cougar enters service with the REF.

Oct, 2029

Tokugawa arrives on Earth and is destroyed, taking a Robotech Master mothership with it.
Carpenter warns Leonard that he can expect no more aid from the REF at this time.
Spheris is liberated.

Mar, 2030

Earth launches first major offensive against the Robotech Masters. It is quickly defeated and the survivors are sent to refurbish ALuCE-1 as a fall-back position.

Apr, 2030

Mission from Earth to relieve ALuCE-1 is ambushed by the Robotech Masters, and escapes with the aid of the returning troops from the moon.
Peryton is liberated; its 'curse' broken. Sentinels decide to split up. Wolff, Hayes- Hunter, Exedore and the Sterlings lead a portion of the fleet back to Tirol; the rest proceed to Optera under Richard Hunter.
Breetai discovers Edwards' treachery and is ordered arrested by Edwards. Breetai and his Zentraedi loyalists steal the battlecarrier Valivarre and go into hiding.
Remaining Sentinels begin Opteran campaign. The Regent arrives secretly on Tirol, and is assassinated by Edwards.
Ikazuchi cruisers enter service with REF.

May, 2030

Emerson's flagship, Tristar, leads expedition to reinforce Moon Base Luna. His fleet is attacked en-route by a Tirolian battleship and several destroyers, but manages to defeat the alien battlegroup and deliver the troops and supplies to the base.
Message arrives on Tirol from Space Station Liberty, requesting help from the REF to fight the Masters. The Plenipotentiary Council, at Edwards' and Admiral Hayes-Hunter's urging, orders a relief expedition to be sent as soon as possible. Edwards recruits the ships and troops mostly from the group that has just returned from the Sentinels' expedition on Peryton, keeping his own loyalist troops close-by.
Marcus Antonius leaves for Earth, with the 3rd Planetary Corps, the 5th REF Air Force and a large flotilla of destroyers and escorts to assist the Southern Cross' defense of Earth. Colonel John Wolff is among the departing troops.
Soon after the relief group's departure, Edwards stages a coup on Tirol and holds the Plenipotentiary Council and the General Staff hostage. Breetai returns and attempts a rescue mission, and is fatally wounded in the attempt.

Jul, 2030

Relief Group arrives at Earth and links up with fleet from Liberty, Earth and the Moon for a massive offensive against the Robotech Masters.
15th ATAC is inserted into the Masters' flagship again. Zor Prime rebels against the Masters and destroys the power core of the flagship. The Masters evacuate the vessel before it is destroyed and transfer their flag to another ship.

Aug, 2030

Robotech Masters launch an all-out offensive against Earth. Emerson is captured. 15th ATAC agrees to a prisoner transfer aboard the flagship. The Robotech Masters break the truce and Emerson is killed in the ensuing fight.
Optera is captured.

Aug 8, 2030

Robotech Masters' flagship is destroyed over the ruins of the SDF-1. The Flower of Life grows readily all over Earth. Much of the fighting dies out, but hostilities continue for another year.

Nov, 2030

The Sentinels and the Opteran Expedition return to Tirol and, thanks to a betrayal by Edwards' most senior aide, Lieutenant General Horace Peckenham, the combined loyalists rout Edwards' forces. Edwards is killed. Peckenham is granted amnesty for turning on Edwards.
The Tirolian shipyards are destroyed in the fighting, damaging the ships on the building- ways and leaving the REF without naval construction capacity. The REF enters into negotiation with the Sentinels, especially the Karbarrans, and makes plans to replace the vessels sent to Earth with Wolff with their new battleship, cruiser, and destroyer designs.
Plenipotentiary Council and REF are asked by Tirol's citizenry to administrate their world.

Dec, 2030

Concerned with the depleted state of the Southern Cross forces on Earth, REF commanders from the Relief Group establish six REF bases to defend Earth from a possible Invid invasion.
REF Relief Group leaders establish close ties to the formidable Southern Cross presence still on the moon, at Luna and ALuCE-1.

Feb, 2031

REF Relief Group commanders decide to reestablish Mars Base as well as setting up supply stations throughout the solar system for fall-back procedures.

Mar, 2032

Cyclone system enters mass production.

Apr, 2033

Marcus Antonius, loaded with Tirolian refugees and led by the 15th ATAC, folds out of Earth-space for Tirol. The ship is scrapped on Tirol because of damage caused by a malfunctioning fold system.

May 15, 2033

Invid arrive. Moon bases are cut off from Earth.
Invid occupation begins.

Sep, 2033

Invid forces rout last Southern Cross regulars.

Jun, 2034

Karbarran shipyards are finally retooled and begin to construct warships for the REF.
Izumo battleships enter service with the REF.

Mar, 2035

Fleet construction underway. Galaxy wide mop- up operation against the Regent's remaining outposts commences.

Oct, 2035

Shadow device is conceived.

May, 2037

Resistance movement gains much strength in North America, Europe and Australia.

Oct 15, 2039

Driven to desperation because of the failure of the REF to return, a coalition of North American resistance groups and troops from ALuCE-1 launch a joint attack on Reflex Point.
Invid succeed in defending the hive and, in subsequent months, resistance in the Americas is completely crushed for the forseeable future.
Lancer crashes to Earth and is rescued by Carla from sympathizers.
Traditional date for beginning of Third Robotech War.

Feb, 2041

In preparation for the upcoming missions to Earth, 6000 men and 2000 Veritechs are dispatched to establish an advance attack base in South America, code-named 'Point K'.

Sep, 2041

Invid troops mass in South America and successfully destroy Point K.

Aug, 2043

Mars Fleet leaves for Earth.

Sep 14, 2043

Mars Fleet arrives at Earth and is destroyed to the last ship. Survivors join the resistance.

Nov, 2043

Shadowdrones perfected and added to arsenal. Shadow devices installed on Alphas, Betas and spacecraft.

Jan, 2044

Colonel Johnathan Wolff dies. Invid attack and destroy Soldiertown soon after.

Apr, 2044

Invid simulagent, Ariel, is transmutated, and is inserted into Scott Bernard's resistance band near the ruins of Point K.

July, 2044

Sera and Corg are transmutated.

Feb, 2045

Scott Bernard's resistance band finds the city of Denver, which has been covered in ice.

July 18, 2045

Final attack on Reflex Point. Invid leave Earth.


Robotech FAQ 0.99
Dec 30th, 1999


In the following link is the current status of Robotech troughout the world. ROBOTECH TV

Just for the record. Harmony Gold IS willing to negotiate single station contracts for individual stations that want to show the series. Basically, Robotech is back in syndication. The only difference is that this time the people who want to see it locally are going to have to prod their stations into calling Harmony Gold to negotiate a contract to run the series. Some local stations in America and Australia have already taken advantage of this offer. HG will NOT turn away any serious offer by a TV station. I'm passing this information on because HG feels that syndication will probably be the best way to show Robotech. They are in negotiations AS WELL to air Robotech on a cable network. However the individual syndication contracts are not going to be affected by the impending cable deal. My personal advice is to contact your local station and demand they get Robotech (network affiliation is not a consideration. ANY TV station will do).


Robotech videotapes were produced by FHE and Streamline Pictures. FHE also released an older version that was extremely edited. The latest FHE videos contained two episodes per tape and were uncut. The pricing was around $15 per tape. Streamline started to release the Robotech Perfect Collection. Each tape contains two episodes of Robotech as well subtitled versions of the original Japanese episodes. Addresses for both companies follow.

Streamline Pictures
PO Box 691418
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The address for FHE (FHE is a division of LIVE Entertainment Inc.)

LIVE Entertainment Inc, 15400 Sherman Way Van Nuys CA 91406

Currently, both companies are not releasing new videotapes.


LIVE Entertainment was releasing collections of ROBOTECH episodes on LD. Each disk contains 4 episodes, all uncut and original length. Currently all Macross TV episodes are available and the Southern Cross episodes are currently being released. Presumably LIVE Entertainment will release the New Generation episodes after all Southern Cross episodes are released.

Each disk is $34.95 (manufacturer's recommended price).

LIVE Entertainment was distributing the discs throughout the U.S. to Laserdisc stores, so if you can't find the discs in your local LD shop you can probably have them order them for you.

If you don't live near a LD store, then you can order the discs from a mail- order LD store. Laser Craze in Boston has been advertising the discs like crazy (no pun intended), so they probably have a lot of them. You can contact Laser Craze at the address below:

349 Newbury Street,
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A.D.V is distribuiting the Robotech episodes in DVD format each DVD contains 6 episodes.

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Robotech FAQ 0.99
Dec 30th, 1999


Most continuity problems arise in the TV show because the original three series from which the footage was drawn were not intended to be seen together. Carl Macek used three totally unrelated stories, and combined them into one, with the usual time constraints associated with getting a show on the air. The second of the three series, Southern Cross, wasn't even set on Earth in the original Japanese version. An imperfect match was inevitable.


It has been proposed that there are as many explanations for Protoculture as there are fans. The best way to answer the question is to examine the facets seen from the various sources.

What does everyone agree upon? Protoculture is a form of energy derived from placing the seeds of the Invid Flower of Life in a matrix that prevents them from dividing. This energy source is completely clean, abundant, and because of this, the Robotech Masters' entire empire depended on it.

What also is agreed upon is that the spores of the Flower of Life (related to the seeds) cause severe hallucinations, and to some extent, precognition and telepathy, usually mediated through obscure symbols.

Protoculture is also somehow involved in genetic engineering technologies of both the Invid and the Robotech Masters, though the details (from the show) are uncertain.

Later writers (especially Jack McKinney) have dramatically expanded on this idea. In McKinney's novels, protoculture has moved from a force that permeates the universe to an intelligence that shapes events in the universe to its own ends. It also is allegedly responsible for a symbiotic relationship between man and mecha, and infusions of it can enhance awareness and intelligence. While some see the roots of these extrapolations in the TV series itself, others hotly dispute this, claiming McKinney went off on his own.


In a word, nowhere. There is no SDF-2 in the footage, though there is in the dialogue. In the original Macross TV show, the SDF-2 was to be built on the moon beginning November 2003 (a scaled-up version of this vessel was seen in Macross: Flashback 2012 as the Megaroad-01; though it is larger than the Macross source material had previously stated). But the SDF-2 is never actually seen in the Robotech footage, as it was not in the footage for the original Macross. There is only one battlefortress to be seen in the lake.

Carl Macek has explained this away by asserting that the vessels were back-to- back, but the first glimpse of this explanation not seen until the Comico adaptation, and has been the standard apologia ever since. The idea was to have three ships to correspond to the three mounds seen in the Southern Cross episodes.