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Reading List on Life-After-Death

The following are publications you can read online concerning spiritualismóthe Satanic lie, and pagan myth, that the soul is innately immortal and that it can exist apart from the body and even return after death to communicate with the living.

Are the Dead Really Dead? A brief, easy-to-read, illustrated pamphlet. Scroll down ten items and click on Open Lesson, or watch the video.

Spirits of the DeadóDo They Speak & Hear? A great little booklet on the subject of immortality which includes an eerie account of a ghostly visitation.

Grave Errors about Death A comic-book-style illustrated book, superbly explaining the subject.

What Really Happens When I Die? An easy-to-read chapter from an online book.


Absent From the Body

Spirits From Other Worlds

Three Unclean Spirits Unmasked

The Witch of Endor King Saul desperately seeks advice from "the other side." Scroll down nine items and click on Open Lesson, or watch the video.