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Christian Resources

"Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the week to take care of youth meetings, retreats, board meetings, Sunday services and a myriad of other tasks required of today's youth minister. Perhaps you are a volunteer who ministers to young people on a part-time basis. Whoever you are... EGAD! is here to provide you with hundreds of practical, economical and creative ideas for you to incorporate into your ministry to youth." (excerpt from EGAD! page)

At the EGAD! site, you will find all kinds of awesome resources, Bible reading, prayer,fellowship, fundraisers, retreats, outreach, and the list goes on!!

EGAD! ministries

DRAMA!! For those of you who are interested in the medium of drama to reach their youth, this site is an excellent resource. They have Bible based skits, one act plays, and full length productions to browse through! Check them out!!
Acts of Light

Questions, Questions, Questions... Youth are always asking questions!! Youth For Christ has a site for tough questions, it's an interesting forum. You can ask your own or find out what other questions are being asked!!
Tough Questions

Here is another interesting site I found, that is chock full of resources and ideas!! It's the Youth Specialties Resource Mall!

Some youth where their hearts on their sleeves...As soon as they are of that age, they want to date! What a topic for a youth leader. Click on the heart to follow a link to a site that is devoted to some verses regarding "dating."

Here are some laughs for you... they are changed daily so check back and see what's hilarious today! Reverend Fun/

I currently co-moderate a list at for evagelical YouthWorkers. If you would like to join our community click the image below! We are a group of people that work with youth in some manner or another. We talk about games, activities, retreats, topics to speak on etc... It's a grea group for resources!

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