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Mike and Kristi-Anna's Strand of the Web

More about Mike and Kristi-Anna

Come and meet the newest Beaudry... Julie-Anna Mishael

We were married on April 4, 1998, at 2pm in the afternoon. What a glorious occassion! We honeymooned at Walt Disney World, having the time of our lives. Check out our All Things Disney page as well, a honeymoon summary you'll find and lots of other Disney stuff too!! We have returned to the land of reality to our everyday lives... the following is more about our jobs, schooling and the things we enjoy doing...

Come and visit PEI!

Mike and I took a ten day trip to Prince Edward Island and Montreal, Quebec in summer of 1999! Come and come play on our island and see what we were up to!

Our jobs


Mike is a Tool and Cutter Grinder, working at a tool shop in St. Catharines. He's been employed there for three and a half years now. Mike graduated from the General Machinist program at Niagara College in June of 2000
To visit Mike's school, follow this link and make sure you check out the new campus!!!


Kristi-Anna is now a stay at home mom, and loving it!

Kristi-Anna graduated from Northwest Baptist College (in Langley, British Columbia) in April of 1996, with a Bachelor of Religious Education (hereafter referred to as the B.R.E.). She minored in Youth Ministries and Cross Cultural Missions. She put those studies to good use when she went on 2 overseas missions trips. (one to Mexico - is that overseas?!, and the other to Colombia, S. America). She put her education to good use being a kindergarten teachers aide (volunteering) at the local Christian School, and being a youth sponsor in her church.

To see what KA's school is all about, check out TWU and take a virtual tour!

Our Hobbies and Interests

Biking (we both own mountain bikes - KA's is a Trek 800 Sport, Mike's is a Devinci) More on bikes...
Church youth group sponsors
I am in the process of setting up Christian Youth Resources page. It's got some great links to sites for youth group activities and other youth related things!!

Scrapbooking (KA)
Playing on the computer
College and Career Bible study (on Thursday nights)
Reading (more KA then Mike!)
Writing letters (again, more KA then Mike!)
Collecting Disney stuff

My friend Katrina worked in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa for six months in 1998. She's made a web site about her experiences travelling and working in a foreign setting! Check out Katrina's African Adventures and see what she's been up to!


Here is a site that you might enjoy... Homemade gifts that fit in a jar! It's very ingenious, and a wonderful way to share something of yourself with others, without spending a small fortune. I know it's something I am planning to do for gift giving occassions this year!! Check it out!!