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Updated Last On: January 24st, 2002

Updates! Updates! Updates! Man! It's been a hell of a long time since I last posted on here.. It's mainly my fault after last summer my backyard wrestling promotion fell completely apart.. You can expect more posts and updates on this damn thing as the XHW is getting started back up, but I've been thinking about changing the name to PHWF. Also I plan to do some re-arranging of the site, maybe a new design to start the new era, first card is tomorrow night, expect some results or something, plus title changes in more than a year! It's gonna be great come back..


Backyard Champion:-X-File-
PrimeTime Champion:-Xero(The Punisher)-
Hardcore Champion:-VaCant-
Light Heavyweight Champion:-VaCant-
Hardcore Tag-Team Champions:-VaCant
Tag-Team Champions:-VaCant-

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