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John Matley (Mattley) 1778 Descendants

England, New York, New Jersey, Indiana

By Vicky L. Williams Winfield 3rd Great Grand-daughter of

John & Elizabeth (Key) Matley (Mattley)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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Remember this is a work continually in progress.  Additions and corrections are GREATLY appreciated.

Remember to share – ALWAYS remember to SHARE with & AID others who are searching!  We are all cousins in one way or the other – family searching for family!

MATTLEY Family records & links below

Please DO read the following first

Please note - SURNAME:  Matley, Mattley, Matly, Mattly, Matty, Mattleegh, Mattlelegh, Motley, Mottley, etc..


I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of my cousins and my Auntie Arlene who have aided me greatly in compiling this information.   Will add each cousins name & email address (emails listed only  with their permission) to this introduction as I receive permission to do so.   (anyone wishing to contact them concerning a particular line will then be able to do so).  Would also DEEPLY appreciate any corrections, additions and further information concerning John Matley & Elizabeth (Matley) [their ancestors, siblings and descendants].   At this point we believe (due to some of the children’s births) John and possibly Elizabeth arrived in America via New York; but, are not sure as we can find no documentation.  Read in our Story section (below) how it is believed they arrived (rather exciting)!


Happiness is having Mattley cousins find each other.

  The below Mattley cousins are all helping to research our family.

Elaine Mattley Magner (Granddaughter of William Eustice Mattley)  Email:

Myrna Thomas (Granddaughter of William Eustice Mattley)  Email:

Coleen Crewdson (Descendant of Aaron (1st) Mattley)  Email:  crcrewdson (at) msn (dot) com

Jim Hester (Grandson of Chelys Mattley)  Email:

David James Mattley (Grandson of Jonathan Leland Mattley and also a HOUSE family cousin via Jonathan Leland’s marriage)  Email

Marilyn Creathbaum (Granddaughter of Stella Mattley) Email:  37mjc (at) cox (dot) net

Ron Williams (Grandson of Nora Mattley) Email: 


Email addresses will be listed with “at” rather than (@ ) and “dot” rather than (.) due to all of the spam I have been receiving.



EMAIL:  ticvic50 (at) cox (dot) net



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