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Welcome to the place for Trinidad & Tobago Culture.

National LibraryTrini Callaloo is the place to find out all about our beautiful Islands.There is so much about Trinidad & Tobago that many of us don't know. Carnival is only a tip of the iceberg. Some birds, flowers and other animals can only be found on our island. The Pitch Lake is the only of its stature. We are a blessed nation. As the saying goes God MUST be a Trini!

Considered one of the richest destination for eco-tourism, Trinidad is home to an undisturbed rain forest. The number of birds per square kilometer is greater here than anywhere else in the world. More than 430 species grace our shores. Making Trinidad the ideal paradise for bird watching.Our national flower the Double Chaconia grows only in Trinidad.Even the leather back turtles travel half way around the world to lay their eggs on Matelot beach.

Tobago has it's own glory, being home to the largest brain coral in the world. It is one of the premiere locations for diving in the world. Want more information? We have it! And a whole lot more! Anything and everything about our twin island republic can be found here. If it's not here we'll get it for you, just email me and I'll get back to you.

The Red House Sky in Belmont
The Red House              Sky in Belmont

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