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fish are stupid

i think fish are the stupidest creatures on the face of the planet, unless you count technical support guys as creatures. the swim around in a little bowl, looking for a door. once they realized there isn't a door on one side, the look on the other, then repeat, becuase they then forget that they already looked on the other side. little do they know that even if they had a door, opening it would release themselves and their precious water unto a carpet and a very certain doom. i want a fishbowl with a door. that would be cool. but thats beside the point. i have put this on my page to make a public service announcment. we need to rid the world of these useless creatures. they're stupid. so this is the plan i have come up with. we kill them. here is my eye-catching poster that will make everyone want to kill the swimming demons.

this is my amazing poster...worship it.

yeah. fish are dumb. if you like pick them up they get all pissed of and that sucks because they look like they would feel funny. yeah. the end or soemthing.