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"Mystery Critter"

This is a skeleton we found while hunting. When we first found it we thought "dog". We then started to notice things that didn't seem right to us. The neck is longer than we thought a dogs should be. The spine has "spikes" on top of the backbone. The head is shaped odd to us and the muzzle is very short. The jaws appear to be very powerful and the canines are all wore down flat like this animal has eaten a lot of bone. Many things appear different about this skeleton. Many intelligent people have looked at this and can't find the answer to the question of what this thing is.

Notice the "spikes" on top of the backbone

"Hissin Critter"

Here in the Kiamichi's, there lives a animal very strange and new to us. We really have no idea what they are, but they are certainly here. They make a VERY LOUD hissing noise, similar to a tom cat only much, much louder.

Very powerful jaws and extremely fast

I have never seen one of these animals but have heard them on a few occasions. They make a very loud hissing noise and also a strange, garbled, barking type noise. My brother has seen five or six of these animals and we know several others who have seen them also. My brother describes them as being the size of a large dog and some are near the 100lb range. They look very similar to a hyena but with a more fox/catlike head. Have a humped or buffalo shaped back and a short bushy tail. Very large and powerful in the front end and tapering down smaller in the back end. They have very powerful jaws and are extremely fast. My brother and I both, on three different occasions heard them run down and catch full grown deer. They are extremely vicious and aggressive when attacking. This skeleton may be nothing more than a dog of some breed, but the creature I just described, the "hissin critter" is what we "think" this skeleton is. Of course, we may be wrong.