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Territorial Markers and Screams

Here are some photo's of what we think are territorial markers. The screams you are hearing were recorded recently and we believe them to be territorial screams of local legend "The Greenhill Monster" (or one of this family). We understand we could be wrong but this is what we believe. It may be hard to see in the photo's but these two cedar trees are in one of our "hotspots". They are broken off at about the ten foot level and the tops are laid in front of the trees to form a very large X. The two trees are about ten feet apart and the third tree in the second photo is about 40 feet away from the other two. Notice in the second photo how the top is woven to the tree to form a "pointer" as we like to call them. The third tree was also broken off at about the ten foot level. Also notice there is no damage to any trees in the area from ice or wind.

X Formation made from living trees

Notice how this formation is weaved to grow in this fashion. Think these animals are intelligent?