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Castings and Tracks

Below are some photo's of some castings we have made. The largest being 18 1/2 inches long and 7 1/2 inches wide. The other two are considerably smaller. It's very hard to find castable tracks in the Kiamichi's because of such rocky and rugged terrain. These are very poor casts but we don't spend much time trying to find good castable tracks anyway. We usually just find the tracks then move on. We really don't care where they have been, we want to know where these creatures are.

The photo above is a hand print with fingers curled under. We have friends who were telling us that "something strange was happening around their place". Upon investigation we found several tracks plus several signs of Bigfoot in the area as well as this hand print where a creature had been down on all fours for a closer look at the house. We have seen them do this before and we suspect this creature "belly crawled" up close for a better look.

This is the same large casting as the one above but compared to a size 11 boot.