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Tee Pee Markers

Here are some photo's of tee pee markers we have found. These are very strange to say the least but it takes a smart animal indeed to build something of this nature. The tee pee in the first photo was about 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall. The second was around 5 feet tall.

The tee pee in the photo above was found in the fall of 2000. The one below was found in the fall of 2001. Both of these formations were found within 40 feet of one another but one year apart. Notice the first marker was built with three small trees and the second marker below was built with four sticks instead of three. Could this possibly mean something? You be the judge. We do know this with certainty. When we find these markers it is ALWAYS in areas where we know these creatures are feeding. In the case if these photo's they were without doubt to us feeding on deer carcasses. Also we have discovered that when these animals realize we have found these markers, the next time we return they will be gone.