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X Formations

Here are a few of the X formations we have found over the years. Some of these are small and hard to see but if you look closely they are everywhere in the background. Most researchers find these in areas of high activity yet we all can't agree on what they mean to these creatures. Some believe they are a warning to KEEP OUT!! We tend to agree but we believe they have other meanings as well.

X formations everywhere

There are several X's in the photo above but they are small and hard to see. This photo was taken in the area our children call "The X Forrest".

A Classic X Formation

The photo above is my personal favorite. I've seen fancier but none I like better than this one. It's made from peeled cedar poles. The branches have been twisted off and all the bark has been removed. This one is very old and has been there a long time but being made from cedar it will be there for a long time to come. This was found on a small creek that runs right thru the middle of the small town we grew up in.

Another View

This is the same formation but at a different angle. Notice how the creature weaved this all in place. It takes a smart critter to build something like this.