The Synonymous Words
for "Preach" etc.

This Is Appendix 121 From The Companion Bible.

  1. kerusso = to proclaim (as a herald), from kerux, a herald; without reference to the matter proclaimed (which is contained in No. 4); and without including the idea of teaching.

  2. kerux = a herald.

  3. kerugma = that which is proclaimed.

  4. euangelizo = to announce a joyful message; having regard to the matter announced (not the manner, which is contained in No. 1).

  5. katangello = to bring word down to anyone, bring it home by setting it forth.

  6. diangello = to make known (through an intervening space), report further (by spreading it far and wide).

  7. laleo = to talk or to use the voice, without reference to the words spoken (See Mark 2:2).

  8. dialegomai = to speak to and fro (alternately), converse, discuss (see Acts 20:7, 9). Hence English dialogue.

  9. akoe = hearing. Put by Figure of Speech, Metonymy (of Subject) for what is heard.

  10. logos = the word (spoken, as a means or instrument, not as a product); the expression (both of sayings and of longer speeches); hence, an account, as in Matthew 12:36; 18:23. Luke 16:2. Acts 19:40. Rom. 9:28 (m.); 14:12. Philippians 4:17. Hebrews 13:17. 1Peter 4:5. For the difference between logos and rhema, note on Mark 9:32 saying. Greek rhema (the first time it is thus rendered). Rhema denotes a word, saying, or sentence in its outward form, as made up of words (that is to say, Parts of Speech): whereas logos denotes a word or saying as the expression of thought: hence, the thing spoken or written, the account, etc., given.


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