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The whirlwind confronts Job
under Saturn:

Who are you
that I should pay you any mind?
This is your Holy Mountain
who speaks.
You are not the One
who set the ocean waves in motion;
you are not the One
who taught the eagle its flight;
nor did you train the wild horse
its free pace.
This is the Lord of Thunder
who speaks.
Why should I take note of you?

Behold the day has come
when all I have done
has been undone:
the ocean is dry as a desert
and the desert
is as a sea of fire;
behold, creatures of every kind
are no more;
the birds have lost their flight;
the fishes are parched & rotting;
& the mare is a skeleton
forlorn on a barren plain.
These are the very words of the Lord.

Who did this?
This was worse
than the slaughter of the innocents;
more ghastly
than the sacrifices to Moloch;
more terrible
than the death of six million by gas.
Who did it?
These are my words,
the very words of Old Greybeard:
this was none of my doing,
the thought of it
never entered my mind.

Once I was the Lord Within;
once you called on me;
you named me God Withall
and you named me I Am,
then you covered your face
and hid from me.

You thought this would free you
to follow a thousand lesser gods.
But they were demons,
eaters of the dead:
they had to teach you carefully
to caress the darkness
within yourselves
so you would destroy all joy
and you would burn all life away.
Now, they are feasting!

This is the voice of lightening,
listen & mark well my words
o son of man:
none of this was my doing;
I had never thought of such a thing.

Who did it?
Was it you?
You, who are now less than a worm?
O man, I made you from dust
and to dust you have returned.
How dare you?
How dare you crack with unholy fire
the very firmament?

These are the words
of the Unnamable One,
the Lord Most High,
Ruler of Infinity
as it was in the beginning
is now and always will be.


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