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Just this: that

Just this:
that I saw two crows -
a shadow on the sidewalk
& its reflection against a cloud.
the echo of caw! caw!
suggesting I come to you
tonight wearing my old crow voice;
let it crackle against your neck
& cackle in your cavernous hair.
I could fly to your door
in my best imitation of a Muse,
dress you in an April dress
& teach you to sing like the night.
Then later:
I could pose as your shadow,
or the highlight about your eyes;
perhaps your pupil, or
the sparkle on your ring -
Mistress! wear the gown of promises
I gave you last year;
wear that hat of good intent
you bought at the drug store
and, for a night,
I'll be your crow again.
I'll be your crow until
the sun ushers us out from the stage
with his soft pink fog.


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