2006 Mizuno Softball Series

April 28-30, 2006 12u  "A/B" "Mizuno SOFTBALL SERIES" Field of Dreams in Basehor, KS 5gg
May 19-21, 2006 14u  "A/B" "Mizuno SOFTBALL SERIES" Mid-America Sports Complex West (Formerly JCGAC) 5gg
June 9-11, 2006 16u  "A/B" "Mizuno SOFTBALL SERIES" Field of Dreams in Basehor, KS 5gg

All “Mizuno Softball Series” tournaments will be 5 game guarantees.

The 2006 season will mark the beginning of the 2nd Annual "Mizuno Softball Series" that will kick off with the 12 "A/B" divisions April 28-30 at Field of Dreams in Basehor, KS.  The premise behind the Mizuno Softball Series is to fill a park with a series of single age group tournaments that can hold as many as 24 to 32 teams from the same age group and division.
Each Softball Series tourney will be a 5-game guarantee, offering 3 pool games into a double elimination tournament.
The cost for the USSSA World Series Qualifier will be $275.
Please check the IT Schedule Page for the other Mizuno Softball Series Tournament dates.

The Mizuno Softball Series Tournaments will offer the following awards:
.....1. Team trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers
.....2. Individual Mizuno bat bag and trophy for first place finishers
.....3. Individual Mizuno slider and trophy for second place finishers
.....4. Individual Mizuno wrist bands and trophy for third place finishers
.....5. Most Outstanding Player medal to be presented to a team member from every team following every pool game
.....6. Tournament Most Outstanding Player Award -- Mizuno Softball Series M.O.P. laser-engraved wooden bat
.....7. Pitcher of the Tourney Award – Mizuno cleats
.....8. Team Sportsmanship Award – Custom made plaque
.....9. Offensive Player of the Tournament Award – Mizuno bat
....10. Defensive Player of the Tournament Award – Mizuno fielders glove

For more information regarding the Mizuno Softball Series, please contact:
Jeremy McDowell at mcdowell@independenttournaments.com or  (913) 980-4111
Mike Martin at martin@independenttournaments.com or  (913) 634-7453.