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Nephilum and Aliens

And The Sons of Gods


Any Occult involvment has opens a door to deception.
That is why lieing signs, or wonders manifest;
and can snare us, and take us in a lying deception.. Even an "Alien" abduction!

The Blood of Christ needs to be applied.
(Plead the Blood.)

Any Occult invlovment must be "renounced" Out loud, after repentance.

Why ? Renouncing, closes the spiritual door that sin opened.
( Renouncing: ie. Speaking it out loud,
Stops satan's legal right to continue to decieve you.

Pray. Ask Abba to show you anything that could
of opened a legal right to satan's deceptions.

UFO's Are vehicles of the "Son's of God". Though they may appear and deceive some people as being totally alien. A celestial body and terrestrial body would create a offspring or "Hybrids" and certainally would be alien to anything we know of! DNA tampering is something they are ready are quilt of. They brought forth the nephilum once already! Who knows what else they have done with mans DNA?

Why do some people get "visited" and others not?

Due to peoples unrepented and/or unrenounced Occult involvment.

Are The " Son's of God" coming again?.

People are looking for a Larger Grander Full scale appearing of them to happen yet. Something with full media coverage..!

Maybe so? Maybe Not?

Hey!! Dear People, Look around,
They are ALREADY here!


There may never be a Media show!

Are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb?

Mt 24:37
But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

"It's ALREADY ... as "In the days of Noe!"

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