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Satanic Hand Jive


Satan wants to be Yahweh; so he has counterfit's for everything!

He dupes the spiritual blind into using a satanic hand sign!

Only a satanist would willing sign this way.

It's time to come out of Babylon fokes! Babylon means Confusion..!

It's the Sign of The


A Sign of Deception!
Wouldn't you rather be a


Call on Yahshua!

"Isn't The stamp the REAL
Love sign?" You ask.

Well, let me ask you this.
"What Spirit inspired it? "

The Holy Spirit? Or was man
under another spiritual influence?

Remember, There is no middle ground!
Man follows one spirit or another!

Even if he's a good guy!
Man's carnal mind can't think
with the mind of Christ!
untill he's Born from above
and filled with the Holy Spirit.



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