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The Instead Of Christ

Anti Christ means "Instead of Christ"
or "In place of Christ"
(Greek, anti = "instead of" or "in place of")
Written and compiled by Norbert H. Kox

Did Warner Sallman really paint this image under divine inspiration, from a God-
given vision of the Saviour?

"Head of Christ" 1940, Warner Sallman     Commercial artist, painter, copiest, and deciever !

Although Warner Sallman admired the works of Gustave Dore, he chose not to copy his rendition of Christ, rather he chose to plagiarize [some say "appropriate"] the work of a relatively unknown French painter, Leon Lhermitte [pronounced, Lair-meet].

It is not so much an issue that he copied, but rather that he did not credit the source. He claimed that he received the image in a heavenly vision directly from God.

This validated his image with the public, especially church-goers. Since the image came in a divine vision from God, it must be the true portrait of Christ. Using his commercial art tricks and hs advertising tactics, Sallman was able to mass market his product to the world.

His 1940, "Head of Christ" sold over 1,000,000 copies in the first year. By 1984 it had sold over half a billion copies. Today, 2003, Sallman's "Head of Christ" has been reproduced more than a billion times.

No other image has ever aquired such a track record. Most people who see the image believe it is a true picture of Christ.



Leon Lhermitte Painting
The Shroud of Turin / Ostara