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Last Updated: 10/25/05
Collective Soul Articles:

Magazine & Newspaper Articles
(Non-Online Sources)

INFORMATION KEY: First is magazine title, then cover headline, then actual article name noted by * *, then the author in ( ), then date.
Jezebel Magazine - Youthful Spirits
(By Cind Klinger and Brooke Porter) November '04
Musician Magazine - Collective Soul: Ed Roland's Gift To Riff
*The Gift Of Riff* (By Charles M. Young) October '95
Playgrounds Magazine -*Face To Face With Collective Soul's Ed Roland*
- (By Shannon Brown) July '97
Guitar One Magazine - Collective Soul's Triple Threat! - *The Power of Three*
(By Dale Turner) May '99
AP Magazine - *"He's not really my brother-- It's all a marketing plot"*
- (By Unknown) Date Unknown
Guitar Magazine - *Oh Atlanta!* - (By Bob Gulla) May 1999
The Muskegon Chronicle *Collective Soul Delivers for Sold-Out Concert Number Three*
- (By Tom Harryman) Date Unknown - From lakemich
Unknown Magazine - *Collective Soul Searching* - (By Paul Underwood) June 21, 2001
- From lakemich
Guitar World Magazine - *Top of the Pops* - (By Andy Aledort) February 2001
- From lakemich
Internet Articles

INFORMATION KEY: First is title, then author, date, source.
Beliefnet Article W/ Dean -, 10/25/05
The Road To Vegas - From, 04/01/05
A Return To Having Fun: Collective Soul Remembers Why It Makes Music
By Jonathan Garrett, 02/24/05 - From
Collective 'Youth' Movement - By Bill Locey, 02/17/05
Collective Soul...Collectively "Better Now" - Interview With Dean
By, February 2005 - From
Recapturing "Youth" - By Mark Brown, 02/14/05 - From Rocky Mountian News Online
Collective Soul Regroups To Rediscover The Right Musical Path
- By Patrick Douglas, 02/09/05 - From Great Falls Tribune Online
Ed Roland Interview, 2005 - From
Dean Roland Interview - By Jamie Steinburg, 02/05/05 -
Collective Soul: Reinvented For 2005, 02/01/05 - From
Collective Soul Performs During Benefit Concert - By Stephanie Sonntag, 01/28/05 - From BYU News
Collective Soul Seeing The Light - By Mike Ross, 12/27/04 - From Jam! Showbiz
Collective Soul Back With Own Label - By Victoria Ahearn, 12/02/04 - From
The Soul Survivors - Dan Aquilante, 11/14/05 - From New York Post: Online
Collective Soul Starts Own "Youth" Movement - By Chris Morris, 10/28/04 - From Reuters/Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Plans November Return - By Melinda Newman, 09/17/04 - From
Collective Soul Plan November Comeback - By Staff, 09/21/04 - From
Collective Soul Gets In Touch With It's Youth - By Beej - 09/03/04 - From
Band Conjures Music With Heart And Soul - By Sabra Snyder, 07/09/04
From Journal Gazette Online
Collective Comeback - By Kent Kimes, 12/26/03 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Rocks Djibouti With Live Performance
By Bradly Shaver, 10/6/03 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Entertains Troops In Kuwait - By Bobby Hart, 10/2003 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Drops Into NSA Bahrain - By Shawnee McKain, 10/8/03 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Entertains The Troops - By Richard L. Eldredge, 10/7/03 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Rocks Naples - By Eric Brown, 10/3/03 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Shines As Rota Marks 50 Years - By Scott Schonauer, 9/28/03 - From Truly Ventful
Deadwood Festival Interview With Ed Roland - By Mary Garrigan, 9/11/03 - From Truly Ventful
Anthony J. Resta updates Collective Soul Sessions - By Paul Cashmere, 8/28/03 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Go Indy Route - By Paul Cashmere, 8/22/03 - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul Comes Out of Hiding - By Angela, 8/20/03 - From Truly Ventful
Atlantis Songwriting Session Review With Ed Roland - By Buddy Grizzard, 8/2003
From Truly Ventful & lakemich
Enigma Online Interview With Dean - By Willie Brown, 5/21/03 - From Truly Ventful
99X Interview With Ed (May 2003) - From Truly Ventful/collectivesoulblvd
Collective Soul Help Troops Over Seas Interview - By Unknown, Date Unknown - From Truly Ventful
Bands Provide Solace, Patriotism - By Shannon Cook, October 5, 2001 -
Collective Soul Interview - By, Date Unknown -
Dolly Has Collective Soul Shining - By Jaan Uhelszki, Feb. 9, 2001 -
Collective Soul Dare To Be Pop - By Steve Baltin, October 18, 2000 -
Hip Online Interview (With Dean) - By Charlie Craine, December 4, 2000 -
Calm, Cool, And Collected: Daily Life At The Collective Soul Hit Factory
- By Bob Gulla, Date Unknown -
Collective Soul: Gods Of Radio - By Aaron Brophy, January 2, 2001 -
Honorary Soul Man Elton - By Mike Ross (From The Edmonton Sun), Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
Music World (Short Interview and overcast) - By Dana Nicolella, Summer '96
- From Collective's Archives
Collective Soul Frontman Beaned (Again) During Radio Show - By MTV Online, Date Unknown
- From
Collective Soul Keeps Accumulating Hits (Providence Journel-Bulletin) - By Andy Smith, Date Unknown - From Collective's Archives
Dean Roland Interview - By Mark LaClaire, Date Unknown - From
Despite High Record Sales, Collective Soul Still on the Outside Looking in - By Mike Weatherford, Date Unknown - From Collective's Archives
MTV Interview With Ed & Ross - By MTV News, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
Mindspring, Collective Soul Jam on New Software CD - (Press Release) November 3, 1999
- From Collective's Archives
99Xpress "Soul Searching With Ed Roland of Collective Soul" - By 99X Radio, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives Chat w/Dean (Transcript) - By Lyndsey Parker - From
The Collective Memories of Ross Childress - By Sandy Masuo, December 29, 2000
- From Chat w/Dean and Will (Transcript) - By, October 16, 2000- From Chat.Msn.Com Chat w/Ross, Ed, and Dean (Transcript) - By, February 9, 1999
- From Collective Soul Link Chat w/ Ed (Transcript) - By, February 28, 1998
AOL (MTV Arena) Chat w/Ed (Transcript) - By, July 28, 1997
Tori Amos Splits With Long-Time Label (Also talks about Csoul)
- By JAM! Music, November 15, 2001
Collective Conscience - By Lisa Wilton (Calgary Sun), July 13, 2001 - From Jam! Showbiz
Part of the Collective - By Ian Nathanson (Ottawa Sun), October 28, 2000- From Jam! Showbiz
Size Doesn't Matter For Rockers - By Ian Nathanson (Ottawa Sun), March 23, 1999
- From Jam! Showbiz
Soul Survivors - By Jane Stevenson (Toronto Sun), March 17, 1999 - From Jam! Showbiz
Shack Attack - By Mike Ross (Express Writer), March 3, 1999 - From Jam! Showbiz
Good for the Soul - By Dave Veitch (Calgary Sun), March 2, 1999 - From Jam! Showbiz
Soul Men - By Blair S. Watson (Calgary Sun), August 27, 1997 - From Jam! Showbiz
Collective Soul Bounces Back With New CD - By Mike Ross (Express Writer), March 11, 1997
- From Jam! Showbiz
Lawsuit Results In Disciplined Breakdown - By John Sakamoto (Jam! Showbiz), February 26, 1997
- From Jam! Showbiz
Collective Soulection - By 99X, Date Unknown - From lakemich
Collective Soul Maintains Its Collective Cool - Derek Paiva August 16, 2002 - From lackmich

INFORMATION KEY: Title/name of company with album or song in ( ), author, date, source.
Sound The Sirens "Youth" Review (11/29) - By Luke Daniel Rush - From Truly Ventful
New York Times "Youth" Review - By Dan Aquilante - From Truly Ventful
"Youth" Review (11/04) - By By Zane Ewton - From
Nashville Concert Reviews (5/22/03) - From Truly Ventful
Nashville Conert Reviews (5/22/03) - From Truly Ventful
Taste of Addison Concert Reviews (5/17/03) - From Truly Ventful
Music Midtown Atlanta Concert Reviews (5/3/03) - From Truly Ventful
In Spite Of Mud, Muck, CityFest Delivers Punch For Music Fans (Cityfest Concert Review 4/25/03)
By Megan Butler, 4/28/03 - From
Seoul, South Korea Army Base Concert Reviews (3/12/03) - From Truly Ventful
Milwaukee Summerfest 7/4/03 Reviews - From Truly Ventful
Live On Penn Ave 7/5/03 Reviews - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul To Headline Jam (Deadwood Jam 9/13/03)
By Rapid City Journal, Date Unknown -
JSOnline Milwaukee Summerfefst 7/4/03 Review - By Gemma Tarlach, 7/4/03 -
New Jersey Six Flags Concert Review (7/6/03)From Truly Ventful
Cullowhee Arts Festival (6/21/03) - From Truly Ventful
Collective Soul : Melodic Atlanta Rockers Headline Dancin' In The District Kickoff Concert
By The Rage, 5/15/03 -
Collective Soul's Sound Has Been Through The "Blender"
- By Martin Huxley, Date Unknown - From
Collective Soul Rocks - By, Date Unknown - From
Concert Shows Little Soul (Jam! Music) - By Jam! Music, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
Big Dosage of the '70s from Collective Soul (Calgary Sun, Dosage Review) - By Dave Veitch, Date Unknown - From Collective's Archives
Shine On (Dandy Life Review) - By Ari Bendersky, Feb. 5, 1999 -
Screen It! "Entertainment Reviews For Parents" (Self Titled) - By Screen It!, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
Collective Soul (Bowery Ballroom Review) - By Richard Skanse, April 5, 1999 -
Absolute Entertainment Network (Dosage Review) - By AEN, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
Comcast Online (Dosage Review) - By Marie Loggia, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
Sidewalk Chicago (Dosage Review) - By Mark Brown, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
The Undercover Review (Dosage) - By Paul Cashmere, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
VH1/Partial Soul - By Kevin John, Date Unknown
- From Collective's Archives
Moose Hosts Huge Crowd At Collective Soul Concert (Moose's Music Hall Review)
- By Justin Niessner (Dialy Beacon), January 29, 1999 - From The Daily Beacon
Erie, PA Concert Review (6-30-99) - By Julie Percorano, June 30, 1999
- From Collective's Archives
Arizona Daily Wildcat (Dosage Review) - By Annie Holub, March 11, 1999 - From Wildcats Online
Suite 101.Com (Blender Review) - By Chad Bowar, October 31, 2000 - From Suite 101.Com
A Collective Effort, But The Cranberries Come Out Ahead - By Josh Monninger, Date Unknown
- From
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