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Dave Crossno Gun Stocks
23380 N. Anderson Road
Arcadia, Oklahoma 73007

Tel: (405) 396-8786

Thank you for your interest in our gunstocks. We cut our stocks one at a time as ordered. We primarily cut single shot stocks - Rolling Blocks, Winchester, Sharps, Ballards, etc. We have patterns for other rifles and shotguns and can duplicate almost anything that can be put between centers and is under 10" wide. In addition to stocks we also have been building complete single shot rifles for over 20 years. We install barrels, bluing & color case hardning. Custom gunsmithing and .22cal. inserts to convert .40 or .45 cal. rifles to .22's. Any questions concerning gunsmithing please call 405-396-8786. Photos of rifles are available by e-mail
Links with selections of our patterns are listed at the end of this page.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image of the machine that cuts and profiles the wood.
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We harvest our own wood from various locations here in Oklahoma. We believe that this area of the country has some of the finest American Black Walnut that we have worked with, the colors range from tan, gold, brown and red with black, blue or red stripes. We mostly harvest trees that have grown in areas that are extremly dry and wind whipped, the wood is usually tight grained and easily filled. We do not kiln dry our wood, instead we seal both ends and let it air dry slowly, which maintains the natural color of the wood.
Click on a thumbnail for a larger image of this small batch of logs from
Cole, Oklahoma, that will be used for stocks and some lumber.
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We are stock makers and tend to be somewhat wasteful in the processing of trees into stock blanks. We only use the wood that has the proper grain flow for gunstocks, as a result of this we have a lot of nice pieces good for pistol grips, brass or tool holders, just about anything one needs a chunk of wood for. We sell blanks for those that want to do it themselves, or make stocks for others. In addition we have very long blanks suitable for flintlocks and other long guns.
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We keep English and French on hand and will cut your wood as long as you accept responsibility for the suitability of your wood. In real nice wood there are sometimes surprises that cannot be detected until cut into, you will be notified of any surprises upon discovery.

We have more patterns than are listed on this website and we are constantly making new patterns, so if you don't see what you are looking for on this website, please, ask and remember that we can duplicate any stock!
We also have a number of patterns that we have no idea of what they are, and we also have stock "seconds" - good stocks in nice wood but with some cosmetic flaw, like a knot hole or cracks, that were not apparent before machining.

A selection of OUR PATTERNS
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Fit & Finished
Miscelaneous Patterns

Wood prices vary according to grade, we have plain straight-grained to extra fancy, with prices ranging from $40.00 for a buttstock and forearm to $500, and up.

Please, click on the following link for more information on PRICES.

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Please note: All photos on this website are copyrighted by © 2002 Dave Crossno.


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