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In Loving Memory Of
Connor Alec Tennant

July 6, 2004 ~ November 8, 2004

Always Loved and Sadly Missed By:
Mom & Dad ~ Jodie and Ian
Sister ~ Rebeka
Brother ~ Anthony


Life Is A Fragile Miracle

Connor Alec Tennant came to us with laughter and joy; We lovingly argued over his name, Alexander the Great some said, later…we saw his name fit him perfect, the name his father and mother gave him instead.

As we touched him with loving hands from outside, he wiggled and tickled and moved, we could see him smiling through our touch, brother-baby entered our world, a gift from God, and a perfect baby boy.

Stars sparkled in his eyes and Angels sang when he made his baby sounds as he nursed at his mother’s breast, her eyes wet with love and joy. The love of the family’s heartstrings tightened each time he curled his little fist around an outthrust loving finger as it were his favorite toy.

His four year old sister proclaiming her love for him to the world with a t-shirt she proudly wore, boldly announcing “I’m a big sister now” and telling everyone she met “ our brother-baby is a boy.”

Our world shattered that day when God so unexpectedly called our Connor home, we moved as if in slow motion, our minds frozen asking why? His dad crumbled as the warm water hit his face, suddenly remembering their first shower together just a few days before, he loudly sobbed…as he slowly slid…to the floor.

THEN; As the family sat around the kitchen table looking at Connor’s pictures and remembering, God took us by the hand, his mother shook her head yes, and softly said,” It’s ok baby, everything is ok now. God needed another angel; he made the perfect choice we all agree. God and great-grandma Noreeta will take care of you,…for me.

Your memories will only be of happiness, love and joy.” Almost five precious months God blessed us with him; our hearts broken with our loss, we whisper his name….Then we smile when remember his soft sweet touch and realize that our loss was indeed our gain.

In memory of Connor Alec Tennant July 6, 2004- Nov. 8, 2004
By: S. Stidham Kear AKA NANA




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