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My Old Motorcycles
My history in motorcycles.

I started out with a 1958 Cushman Eagle, later I had a Honda Super 90, and then a Honda CB350.

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1958 Cushman Eagle
This Cushman Eagle is like the one I had, mine didn't have the chrome rail behind the seat.
It had a 8hp flathead engine, with a 2 speed transmission, hand shift on the left side of the gas tank.
Mine wasn't pretty and shiny like this one!

1967 Honda Super 90
This is my Honda Super 90, my second bike.

1968 Honda CB350
This bike was a 350cc parallel twin, my first NEW bike!

The black & white photos below are from a time when I was doing quite a bit of photographic darkroom work

1972 Suzuki GT550
This motorcycle has an air-cooled, 3 cylinder, 2-stroke engine.
That's my 1971 Mustang Mach 1 in the background, it has the Cleveland high performance 351 engine.

1972 Suzuki GT750
This motorcycle has a water-cooled, 3 cylinder, 2-stroke, 750cc engine. The first mass-produced water-cooled motorcycle nicknamed the "Water Buffalo" by the motorcycling press. This one was loaned to me while my GT550 was being serviced.
Next thing you know, I have to have a GT750, see below.

1973 Suzuki GT750
Here is the GT750 dressed with a Windjammer II fairing and color-matched Califia saddlebags.
The Windjammer fairing was later installed on the BMW R75/6 below.

1974 BMW R75/6
Photo taken in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

1978 Honda GL1000
This bike is dressed with a Vetter Windjammer SS fairing, the rest of the accessories are from Custom Dressers.
Photo taken on the mountain at Talahina Oklahoma.

Pin from Wing Ding 80 in Phoenix--That's the second Wing Ding
My first Wing Ding, can you imagine, Phoenix in midsummer?
(Click for larger image)

Here the 78 GL1000 is shown with the Vetter lowers in place.

Here we are at Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma.


First Central Regional Rally 1982
Hot Springs, Arkansas
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