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Chad's Preschool Days

Chad 3 years such a cute little man. At this time we lived on the farm in Piedmont. Chad enjoyed roaming the fields even at this early age. When Chad was just a baby, we got a darling white German shepherd puppy. We named her Snow (her name was Chalk's Snowbird Wells). She adored Chad and went with him everywhere. One day Chad sneaked out of the house and started toward our pond. Snow got through the fence and "guided" him away from the pond. She was truly his companion and friend.

Chad-4 yrs. old- with his new baby brother Chris! When Chad learned that Mom was going to have another baby, he was adamant that it was to be a boy! He would have no talk of a baby sister. I think he expected a boy his own size to appear and start playing with him. When Chris was born, Chad got to see him immediately. He had not even been cleaned yet. Chad got a very strange look on his face and very excitedly said, "He looks just like a frog!!" No child was ever more excited to welcome a new baby into his family than Chad. We really had to watch him to make sure he didn't "love" him too much. What a great big brother!

Happy 5th Birthday!

Proud brother Chad at 5 and Chris at 2. As Chris grew, Chad continued to love him dearly. Although there was a bit of sibling rivalry, most of the time Chad took up for Chris. Chris was Chad's little brother, and he took good care of him during this time.

Chad's 1983 Picture

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