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Tuesday, April 15th (4-15-2003)
I added section.  The LAN and LAN PARTY info section.  Go check it out.

Monday, April 7th (4-7-2003)
Yeah. I'm back.  I'm more then 6 months behind.  I am going to completely redesign the webpage, if there is anybody out there that cares.  I am going to make it in Macromedia Flash 5, so it should be a lot better.  Stay tuned… btw I think I'm going to start a new pole.

Friday, July 5th (7-5-2002)
*FANFARE* I have returned from my great 5 month slumber and finally decided to update this site.  Due to lack of any gaming ideas and motivation, this site hasn't been updated.  But I'm not making any promises like I do, (ie update the site once week, yeah you can do it!) because I just don't do anything.  I've been working on a few projects, like building a laser.  I am lacking money for that.  I also started making a fighter type game, just recently.  I'd like to finish that sometime this year.  Today I should be changing the pole question and doing some other stuff.  Maybe do something to make this site worth coming to more often.  Like pictures.  Hey, if anybody is interested in helping fund the laser, my email address is spl3001 AT  Im not putting an actual link there, because people like to use programs to collect email addresses on the internet and then send you junk mail and junk.  So you'll just have to solve type it in with the correct symbol minus any spaces.  So yeah, maybe I'll update this place again before summer is over, maybe. 

Sunday, February 10th (2-10-2002)
NOTICE: New Pole Question.  Go vote. Oh yeah… (Original question from "Austin").

Saturday, February 9th (2-9-2002)
Hey!  I'm am updating the site for the first time this year, and I am also adding another game of my own creation, it's a "press the button that just lit up" game, pretty simple.  I thought the site could use a new game.

Friday, December 28th (12-28-2001)
Yes, there have been a severe lack of updates.  I've been working on FireWall 4, but since the whole series of FireWall's are pretty dumb and are just clones or attempted clones of other similar shoot-em-up games, I'm going to slow down on the contruction of FireWall 4.  I've been working on another project, concerning programming that is.  It's a Virtual Real Estate game.  Just a small simulation.  I am also working on another project, I and several friends are constructing a small CO2 laser that should be pretty cool when its done.  If you'd like to donate any money toward the laser, it would be appreciated.   E-mail is above.  I'll try to add some more games to the site,  and update more often.

Tuesday, November 20th (11-20-2001)
Well the site is over a year old.  And in that last week, two giant consoles have been released.  The X Box from the newcomer console manufacturer Microsoft, with the fastest processor in the console ring, and the Nintendo GameCube, veteran  and leader of the console fleet, with a slower processor, but one especially designed for gaming, unlike the X Box.  So I put out a poll, including the PS2, which is around 18 months old now. 

Sunday, October 14 (10-14-2001)
There's a new link in the link section, It's a website with remakes of classic arcade games.   

Saturday, October 6th (10-6-2001)
I changed the pole question, so you all can quit telling me how good my site is.  Happy bday to Anthony.

Thursday, October 4th (10-4-2001)
I, am back.  Yes.  For those believing this site was gone, well you all were wrong.  I've been busy.  I had to format my computer once, reinstall Windows (not ME this time, it was too unstable, I'm back to the old Windows 98), school has kept me bogged down since August, and I've basically been lazy.  I haven't made any new games lately, but I plan on adding some new stuff to the site.  I have just begun a flash website that I might add to this one.  Thanks for all those people who think this site is pathetic.  I plan on remodeling it as mention almost 5 months ago.  But do not fret, this site will live. 

Thursday, June 21th (6-21-2001)
In about a week, I'll update the pole and some other stuff.  I've been at summer camp for a week, and of course I'm lazy, so that's why the site hasn't been updated for almost a month.

Saturday, May 26th (5-26-2001)
I have added a new link to the links page,, a website with some Direct3D games.

Thursday, May 24th  (5-24-2001)
I AM FREE!  No more school! Summer! 3 months of bliss and boredom! YES!  Anyway, I was so glad school was out, I decided to release FireWall 3.25 a day early!  So for all those anxious fans of FireWall (the game that is), here it is!  The final re

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