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ABILITIES FOR LIFE-taking charge!

Hello, my name is Keli-Lyn. I am developing this webpage in hopes of helping everyone out there who has a disability. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and I have come face-to-face with the obstacles that we will call "Every Day Living". Such as; finding a job, making new friends, being discriminated, proving to others 'I can do it', and much more. My dream for this webpage is that it can be the place where all these needs and more are met for everyone who comes here. Although it is just in the beginning stages, I hope to get it up and running quickly. I hope you have enjoyed my site and please come back soon and bring a friend.

Sincerely, Keli-Lyn
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Job Finding Page

Helpful websites when it comes to finding; jobs, training, resources, counselling centers...

Different Associations

A list of agencies that specialize in assisting people with disabilities

Health Questions

Have a question on a disability or any health issues...

Modivation and Support

Other support websites


What to find out about something...find it here


Want to get involved in sports?

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