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Field Trip April 2001 : Kelmarna Organic Community Gardens
Field Trip May 2001 : Viv & Nancy Milne - Organic Orchard
Field Trip June 2001 : Alligator Swamp
Field Trip August 2001 : Valley Farm Eco Village & Waihi Orchard
Regarding MAF Food Safety Conference  17 & 18 October 2001
Organics Auckland chatroom
Farmers Fight to Save Organic Crops from Transgenic Pollution
Retail : Otara Markets - Manukau City - South Auckland.
Organic Farmers Community Messageboards
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Human Rights Documents
GE Free National Land March : October 2001
The Genetic Child
Speech by Jeanette Fitzsimons in Urgent debate on GE decision, 
30th.October 2001, in New Zealand Parliament
Food Technology Processes such as Irradiation
GM & Bio-weapons Control Must Go Together
GE Crops and Non-GE Crops: An Unnatural Alliance
New Zealand MARCH 2002
Business 2 Business Expo
South Auckland, New Zealand
*Free Range Organic Egg Production
*Trial Tests results -
Organic Formuli in treatment of the Varroa Mite in NZ Bees!
Organics Auckland voluntary website designer
GE FREE Consumer Products
MacLeod Mushrooms
Organic -&- GE Free
"the taste of nature"