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We have just received notification from MAF of their planned conference on Food Safety for Domestic Consumers and International Trade- scheduled for 17/18 October at the Heritage Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.

Main agenda item is the plan for a NZ Food Safety Authority -
workshops are to be held on meat, dairy and seafood enterprises, on domestic standards and on the changes to the Agric compounds and Vet Med Act;
but amazingly there is no specific mention of GE food or GE food labelling as agenda or workshop issues. Is this a whitewash?

Please can you all through your networks publicise this conference and ask people to contact MAF with expressions of interest to attend the conference, asking specifically for a workshop session on GE food and impacts on NZ Food Safety, or similar etc.
Those who send in expression of interest will be sent conference details.

Contact MAF :
fax : 04 474 4240
or snail mail : MAF Food Conference
PO Box 2526
Visit MAF website

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