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1. Ico2Folder V.1.2 - Change Yr Folder Icon ! (238 Kb)
2. Converter Western->Cyrillic,Cyrillic->Western V 1.1 (199 Kb)
3. F-Player V.3.2- MP3 Player For Win 9x NEW! (595 Kb)
4. F.A.C. (Fox's Alarm Clock) V.1.3 For Win 9x,2000 (308 Kb)
5.Smart Key V.1.0 - This Prog Alows Running Your Programs Quickly Via Hotkeys... (254 Kb)
6. Custom Folder V.1.0a beta - Alows to Change Left Logo Image In Folders (242 Kb)
7. Skins For F-Player 3.0 (660 Kb)
9. Icons (*.ico) (514 Kb)

How To Use:
1.Select A Folder Which U Wanna Modify.
2.Press The Button "Icon" To Choose The Icon For
Folder (Than The Button "Aplly" Will Be Available).
3.Press The Button "Aplly" To Change The Folder Icon.
4.If U Wanna Restore Yr Folder Icon; Find The Folder
With Shanged Icon (Button "Delete" Is Available Now)
5.Press The Button "Delete"
Thats All! Have Fun!
Version 1.2 Is Now Available!

Media Player For Win 9x/2000
Plays All Windows Formats
WITH non standart SKINS NOW!!!...+CAN MODIFY ID3TAGs!

F.A.C (Fox's Alarm Clock)
Simple Alarm-Clock
Plays Selected Sound In Selected Time

Smart Key
This Prog Alows Running Your Programs Quickly
Via Hot Keys Alt+1,Alt+2...Alt+0

Custom Folder
If Mode Is 'Web Page' U Can Change Left Logo
Image In Folders By It
Beta Version

Made By Fox

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