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The Bitter Pill



British Medical Journal: The discovery of aspirin: a reappraisal
Convinced of the potential of acetylsalicylic acid, Eichengrun tested it on. Eichengrun goes on to tell us that Carl Duisberg, the renowned head of ...

Why did Eichengrun wait 15 years before refuting what had been written IN 1934... Even as a prominent industrialist, Eichengrun was not exempt from their ...

Jewish Scientist's Claim to Discover Aspirin Denied by Nazis
was actually Hoffmann's supervisor, Arthur Eichengrun, who deserves the credit.... these, he discovered evidence that chimed with Eichengrun's version of ...

Discovery Health :: Aspirin: A Bitter Pill
What makes this tale so remarkable is that Arthur Eichengrun was no small-time chemist. He was an immensely rich man, the owner of many important patents,

Starting world wars, inventing horrible weapons, enslaving large ..
... 1897 another prominent chemist, Arthur Eichengrun - a Jew - discovered Aspirin.Eichengrun was prolific, with 40 patents to his name and was promoted to ... - 191k - 

History of Aspirin
According to Eichengrun’s account (written in a Nazi concentration camp), ...Eichengrun (or Hoffman) secretly gave the powder (acetylsalicylic acid was ...

Bayer & Co was truly fortunate in having Eichengrun
as an employee, yet it is unlikely that he would have discovered aspirin had he not been working for the ...

Jewish scientist, Arthur Eichengrun, developed Aspirin.
...according to an article in a recent Issue of Cardiology Today, in 1897, - 22k

1943 wurde Arthur Eichengrun inhaftiert und zu vier Monaten Haft ... Eichengrun verliess die Stadt jedoch schon 1948 in Richtung Bad Wiessee (Bayern). ... - 7k

The Scotsman - Top Stories - Wonder pill aspirin may prevent cancer
However, some claim it was actually invented by Hoffman's boss, Arthur Eichengrun, but that this was written out of history by the Nazis because Eichengrun ...

Aspirin was not Felix Hoffman, but Hoffman's Jewish supervisor Arthur Eichengrun

... .The report suggests that Eichengrun's discovery was covered up by the ...

Independent Media Center
He was General Manager At Bayer When in 1897 another prominent chemist, Arthur Eichengrun - a Jew - discovered Aspirin. Eichengrun was prolific, with 40 ... 

Previous Trivia Questions [encyclopedia]
A. Arthur Eichengrun while working for Bayer in 1897. Until recently it was thought that Felix Hoffman, a German chemist, had made the discovery but it ...


Dr. Arthur Eichengruen

 chemist and inventor


Born  13.8.1867 in Aachen, child of a jewish cloth merchant/manufacturer

  • 1885-90 studied chemistry in Aachen,Berlin, and Erlangen

  • 1890 Doctor's degree at Erlangen University.

  • 1890-92 Univ. assistant in Aachen and Geneva

  • .
    first jobs: Chemist at Boehringer, Ingelheim, and Marquardt,
  • 1896 Lab chemist at Bayer, Elberfeld, charged with building up a scientific  pharmaceutical laboratory. Made or initiated a lot of
    pharma. inventions, which had not been done at Bayer's before.

  • 1901 Head of department

  • 1908 Quit Bayer, to found a factory of his own: the Cellon-Werke
    in Berlin

  • 1938 „Aryanisation"  of his factory

  • afterwards:  continued his research work at home
  • 1943 sentenced to 4 months of prison, for having failed to include "Israel" in his firm's name

  • 1944 arrested in May on same charge,  deported to concentration
    camp Theresienstadt

  • 1945 after liberation  returned to Berlin,  resumed research in his
    flat 1948 moved to Bad Wiessee, Bavaria

  • Died  23.12.1949 in Bad Wiessen