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Go to the Chat Room @ 9:00 p.m.(Eastern), EVERY Saturday. All players invited to speak IC and interact with other submitted characters .

To list a Shadowrun game Thats played IN our Chat Rooms Hosted by , E-mail Zac.

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July 3 2000---ATTENTION New Gamora visitors, the submission form isn't working properly for computer MSIE browsers but e-mail form .......

New Gamora

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from top of NeoBorganics

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Dylorn Gorahn

E-mail June White your Question.

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New Gamora Features:

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About us:

We GameMaster New Gamora irc rpg / Shadowrun games ! Rpg Worlds. If you want to play, then simply submit a player HERE. Then E-mail June and ask for more info.

RUNNERS!!!---- I'm looking for players to submit their characters to New Gamora for the IRC rpg (All Races allowed )
Which Servers? OR the Following:
  • port=6667
  • #new-gamora
  • #new-gamora-combat
  • #new-gamora-shadowruns

  • WebTv players can use the "Chat Now!" Link for Zacoriah Inc. Chat Interface




    THINGS Dylorn DOESN'T LIKE...Godlike Characters ....come on folks!

    N-G...Music Selection


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