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The Beretta 14cL

Name Type Concealability Mode Damage Ammo Price Availibility Street Index
Beretta 14cL Light Pistol 5 SA 8L 14 (c) 550¥ 5/21 hours 1

The Beretta 14cL was introduced to the world in 2059. The Beretta 14cL light pistol is a limited edition pistol with increased muzzle velocity ,due to the 23mm barrel length increase. With the 23mm barrel , the Beretta 14cL has a damage rating of (8L) and the range of a Heavy Pistol ! Plus an additional 2 rounds squeezed in .


Damage: (Str+1)M Stun
Reach: 2
Cost:  200¥

This weapon is a two meter long chain with small weight s at either end of it.  It is a melee weapon that is us ed by swinging the chain about one's body, and using th e weights to strike your opponent.  It uses the Whips/F lails Concentration of the Armed Combat Skill.

The Infiltrator

Name Type Concealability Mode Damage Ammo Price Availibility Street Index
The Infiltrator Heavy Pistol 7/Special SA 8M 6 (c) 4500¥ 18/21 Days 4

This weapon is a new entry into the weapons field.  It is made completely out of composite materials.  Include d in this is the special ammunition that is used.  This ammunition is made out of frangible ceramic.  The spec ially made magazines are fully hermetically sealed.  Th is means that no gasses are allowed out.  This makes th e weapon undetectable to gaseous sensors.  The composit e materials makes the weapon completely undetectable to conventional metal detectors as well.  It can still be detected by density scanners, however.  It also has in integral silencer.

There are drawbacks, however.  The hermetically sealed magazines require a Simple Action to " Ready a Weapon."  This action breaks the seal.  The wea pon can only be used after this action is taken.  This action also renders the magazine a normal magazine that can only be used by the Infiltrator.  This hermetic se al cannot be "resealed."

Any smartlinks, lasersights, etc that are placed on the weapon effectively negate the purpose of the weapon.  The maker of the weapon will not do such additions at t he time of creation.

These weapons are handmade by a single craftsman in Chi cago.  Any attempts to acquire this weapon outside of C hicago cause an increase in Availability and Street Ind ex.  These become 30/2 months and 7 respectively.

As of yet, neither hermetically sealed magazines for ot her weapons nor "special" ammunition for the Infiltrato r are being made.


ArmTech MGL-24 Vehicle Mounted Gr enade Launcher

Created by Tony Casenelli (

With the introduction their latest product, the folks a t ArmTech have completed their line of mini-grenade lau ncher weapons.  The MGL-24 is based based on the old MK -19 of the late 20th century. This is a full automatic, vehicle mounted weapon.  Utilizing belt fed mini-grena des as ammunition allows great flexibility in the amoun t of force available for appropriate threat response. T he MGL-24 is the ultimate squad support weapon.  

Name Type Concealability Mode Damage Ammo Price Availibility Street Index
MGL-24 Grenade Launcher NA FA Special Belt 12500¥ 18/28 Days 5

 This is a vehicle mounted weapon, only. It has a maxim um rate of fire of 6 rounds per complex action. Heavy w eapon recoil rules apply. It comes equipped with Smartl ink II and Improved Gas Vent II. It can only accept top -mounted accessories.   

 Note: Damage is resolved per the method used for ripples of rockets (roll gunnery, each succ ess is a grenade that hits the target, add power for da mage results), with each grenade fired doing a base damage dependant on the type of munitions used.