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Welcome to "PART TWO" of my gallery. Here you will see my own personal image collection of social wasps and their nests. I shot most of these images with my camera (except for the one of the newspaper clipping). This gallery is a result of my pursuit of vespid nests. Enjoy!

These Polistine wasps are in a defensive posture on their nest. I shot this image through a closed window.

These Polistine wasps built their nest inside of a wooden beam.

These Polistine wasps are involved in the daily activities of the nest.

These Polistine wasps are at rest on their nest.

Isn't this one a beauty?

This is a pressed bald-faced hornet nest.

From top to bottom: This is some nesting material from the nests of Polistine wasps, bald-faced hornets, and aerial yellowjackets.

This is a portion of envelope from the copper colored bald-faced hornet nest which I presently own.

This is self-explanatory.

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