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My Weight Loss Journal

I'm preparing for the journey of my life. Being born again as a much thinner person. I'm exploring the Gastric Bypass options. After years and "I do means years" of all sorts of diets, weight clinics and programs, shots, supplements, pills, even starvation. I gained it all back!!! . Look at "Oprah" we all have watched her yo-yo diets and results on national television.. I have not taken this step lightly I have researched everything on the net PROS & CONS
(sure glad I'm not charged by the hour for AOL). I'm so ready... Now all I need is Medicare approval.. I'm working on it. I now have my primary care physician's endorsement for this surgery. I'm set to go. :) "And I'm so ready to begin to enjoy all that life has to offer as a much healthier individual".

9/6/99 update:

I have an appointment with Right Weight Surgical Weight Loss Program in Nashville Tenn. on Sept. 30th..

10/1/99 update:

I met with Debbie at Right Weight
and Dr. Husted both were very personable, knowledgeable, and put me right at ease. After long discussion of all the risks and what if's.. Dr. Husted ordered several pre certification tests prior to scheduling surgery.

10/1/99 update:

The "Sleep Apnea test" I arrived at hospital at 9:00 PM after being tortured with wires glued to my head and hair, bands around my chest and waist, (just kidding not painful a bit) I finally got to sleep about 12:10 am. I completed test and left at 6:30 am. Next, I will see cardiologist and pulmonary doctor for clearance for surgery. I was told to arrive back in Nashville two weeks prior to surgery date for pre-op tests if all was cleared by the above listed doctors and to have vena cava filter inserted. (ugg) if it saves my life from a lethal blood clot then I can handle the discomfort.

10/19/99: update:

I have the results of the sleep apnea test.. I was shocked, I stop breathing 13 to 19 times a hour during sleep. I Go back for the rest of the study with C-Pap Nov 10. I also visited with my pulmonary doctor and cardiologist today. Had to repeat chest X-rays small density on right lung, and left lung has clubbed appearance due to an elevated diaphram. (that I have had sense the spleen removal doctors tend to freak when they see it) The cardiologist is setting me up for a Thallium Stress test and Doppler this week, also my cardiologist is calling my WLS surgeon on doing the Vena Cava filter here in Tulsa.

10/28/99 update:

OK, the Thallium Stress test is over (phew what a workout) tredmill from flat to incline in just a short few minutes then heart scans lying flat on xray table (I needed the rest anyhow) I also had to have a Doppler, (which left me bruised but very necessary test) this was almost an all day event started at 7:00 am over at 2:30pm. I should get results tomorrow. (crossing my fingers)..Only thing left to do is the C-Pap sleep study (to regulate the airflow) on Nov 10. Then it's in the surgeons ball park!!!

11/11/99 Update:

I have my surgery date it's scheduled the afternoon of December 8th. I'll leave Oklahoma for Nashville Tenn. on the 5th.. Pre-Op tests on the 6th and then they will insert the Greenfield Filter on the 7th (if needed) they are doing a test to see if I might require it for blood clots after the long drive to Tenn. (I suggest anyone traveling by air or car have this done looking for blood clots before surgery like Martha Stewart says "Is a good thing") Family or Friend Support is very important) ;-)

12/25/99 Update:

Surgery was 12/8 with Dr. Husted in Nashville, Tenn. at Centennial Hospital. I could have NOT selected a better surgeon..he was great treated me like a queen fantastic bedside manor (well hall-side manor I was always up and walking the halls)and EXCELLENT complications to date. Centennial Hospital I will have to admit was the best hospital I have been in, not only was the visual appeal superb (built in hub around a giant indoor gazebo like solarium filled with tree and plants) Centennial Hospital
The staff was great..**** rating in my books...I was very impressed by the group of anesthesiologist. I discussed my fear of morphine and my sleep apnea (another thing I researched on the net) so they used an alternative pain control during surgery and after (epidural) that worked great. I never had to use pain medication (shots or pills) after surgery or at home. This was the right choice for me..

12/22/99 update:

Best news of all 14 days post-op 35 lbs gone... forever!!!! Note: Follow your own surgeons dietary guidelines, if he/she says liquids for 8 weeks..Then do that!!! There are all kinds of different views out there on when to start puree/soft/regular foods. For me it's 8 weeks then check up with my surgeon and he will let me know if I can start adding soft foods slowly... I made the mistake of listening to someone else who said puree was OK at 4 weeks post-op, well not for me it wasn't..My esophagus went into spasms and irritated something along the way..Not even liquids got past without spasms..I went back on liquids and after three days all was back to normal. Trust me was not good experience ..I learned a valuable lesson.. Listen to your surgeons advice...of course it could have been pepper ;-) I like spices.. Was just a bit too soon for them..Here is a list of what I will eat the first 8 weeks.."Dr. Husted's Food List first 8 Weeks After Surgery
1/6/2000 UPDATE:

I could not stand it any longer had to weigh.. down another 10 lbs...makes 45 lbs to date. I also now can eat most anything that is blended (3 ounce portions of course) no problems what so ever..

1/18/2000 UPDATE:

I just come from my appointment with my PCP for general checkup post surgery... He about fell off his stool, when he saw my weight loss. (Yea!! I lost another 4 lbs from last weigh in on 1/6) 49 lbs total to date.....My blood pressure was 120/70 which means he took me off all BP medication. No longer borderline diabetic either, energy level increasing daily. Yes, I have been spring cleaning already. I'm still a bit anemic, (from adhesions that were removed at time of surgery, loss of blood) but rest of the lab results were all normal. Next, I head to Nashville for my 8 week checkup soon..

1/27/99 update:

Ok, I could not stand it any longer (typical woman)..I had to go weigh..My appointment at Surgeon was postponed due to snow here and there yea!!! I love snow... I have lost another 10 lbs.. cool!!!!! 59lbs gone forever.. I have bones I never knew I had still...and oh my I have a neck.. Before surgery I was head and shoulders NO NECK ;-),

2/16/00 Update:

Ok here's the skinny!! I went to my appointment with Dr. Husted, in Nashville, Tenn. I have lost another 5lbs. Well this is what he says..our figures are off a little.. I weighed 367 July 99.. I lost down to 349 on my first appointment with him September 30, 1999 ... The day of surgery I weighted 339.8 call it 340; Now I gained 15 lbs in hospital (normal water weight gain) so that put me at 355. ok today I was 290.. So that's a total of 77 lbs from 7/99 but 65 from from hospital weight. Anyway you look at it it's sooooooooooo sweet. ;-)

Dr. Husted warned me that I'm due for a serious plateau soon.. Could last anywhere from one to four weeks.. That's just my body refusing to give up any more fat, however, he said it will have to... this won't last long, he said, then I'll have a another sharp weight loss again. :) gawd I won't weigh for a while then... I don't want to be the watched pot syndrome..

2/25/00 Update:

Weighed today 284 ;-) I'm working hard at keeping my loose skin hydrated so it will shrink as I do..(yes rapid weight loss will cause loose skin under arms, inner thighs, and tummy) I bath nightly with bath oils and after bath I moisten my skin with Vaseline the creamy kind.. It's non-greasy and leaves skin so soft..

3/12/00 Update:

Weight 279 ;-) Gawd what a diffrence some loss of weigh makes.. I went to the Tulsa Home and Garden Show Sunday ..I walked for 3 1/2 hours.. Trust me before surgery I was lucky to walk out to my mail box and back. Things keep getting better and better.. Weight loss is slowing some and this is expected. I should settle in at 10-15 lbs lost a month for next 6-9 months. I can handle that too. Here is a peek at my before and after pics. MY PICS

4/18/00 Update:

Weight 268 ;-) the pounds just keep melting off. My cookbook comes out May 1st. Victoria's Recipes for Gastric Bypass Patients

07/18/00 Update:

Weight 240 I just keep being amazed by my RNY...Where else could I drop 137 pounds in 6 months NO DIET could ever do this me I know I have tried every diet or diet aid known to man.. I have lost a whole other person... I feel great and my energy and stamina is great.. I feel like a teenager again.. :-)~~

08/10/00 Update:

Weight now 221.5 I also Went to my first consultation 08/01/00 with Dr. Archebald Milller III for my Abdominoplasty .. I pre-op Sept 19th Surgery is 28th of September.. . That is the earliest he could do it.. (he's booked that far in advance). I was very impressed.. he explained evewry thing to me and let me ask all the questions I wanted too..he showed me what my new tummy will look like a after swelling all down.. and all scars and stretch marks he can remove.. also I had a small hernia he will repair that also.. 4 hour surgery in hospital two days at least he said.... He will remove the old spleen scar,, gallbladder scar, RNY scar, appendix scar, and Oman good-bye stretch marks.. general anesthetic and epidural..

NEW FLASH!!! Dr. Husted is no longer with Right Weight and now has his own website and conducts his own WLS free seminar ;-) If you live in and around Nashville or even as far away as I was.. THIS IS THE MAN to see.. "I trusted him with my body and he gave me Hope" Here is link to his webpage Dr. John Husted
Husted's telephone number..615-329-7960 Fax 615-340-4644

09/27/00 Update: I'm now bouncing between 208 and 210 should settle in at 208 by the weekend.. That's The HMO although approved the first consultation with the Plastic Surgeon for the Abdominoplasty, now are taking the request for surgery to advisory committe.. looks like another fight..

October 15th Update: Drum roll please TAAAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAA!!!! I made it I'm under 200 pounds... As of today I'm 198.5 Yea!!!!!!!!!! Snoopy Happy Dance!!!!!

Update: November 9th... I'm 190 my weight continues to drop about 10-13 pounds a month..

*********** HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE!!!! I just received my copy of the OVERTURN of Denial on my abdominoplasty I WON I WON surgery is set for 1/4/2001 Dr. Arch Miller III Tulsa, Oklahoma... Never give up fight, fight, fight........

Update: November 23, 2000 I'm now 185.. that's 84% of my excess weight gone.. 182 pounds gone forever!!!!!

Another update: whohooo I dropped a quick 5 pounds.. I'm now at 180.. *Grin* still a steady 10 pound weight drop a month..187 pounds gone forever!!!

Update 1/2/2001 day of surgery for abdominoplasty weight was 175 as of 2//2/2001 my weight is now 159. My surgeon has asked me to stop loosing weight (that's a first) and concentrate on my nutrition for healing purposes on the opened incision wound. My incision open two weeks after surgery and I am currently packing the wound as it heals .. This may take several months visit my webpage below for the whole abdominolplasty story..with before and after pics abdominoplasty Journal

5/09/01 UPDATE: I'm about to have my abdominoplasty revision surgery on 5/22 my weight now is 153 pounds and holding.. I feel great and trying to prepare mentally for this surgery :-) Pray for me!

My surgery date was changed until 6/15

6/23 Update: Hi all..I thought I would update on my abdominplasty revision surgery on 6/15.. I'm now 9 days post-op and so far so good.. No complications.. The JP drains are still siphoning although the two on the left side are verily putting out now.. the ones on the right side are still pretty active.. At least their still in place and doing their job :) I go back to surgeon Tuesday for a check up.. This same time last surgery my incision had already opened up big time.. so this is an improvement.. "God Willing" no complications this time.. I thought I would also update you on the type of procedure I had.. It was to correct the way the opened incision healed improper.. The surgeon did a complete circumference incision like a belt around me he was able to do a lower body lift 9" was lifted he told me.. Although I am still very swollen I can tell my butt now has a new home.. and my outer thighs no longer have wrinkles. He also had to re do the belly button and this one is doing great no infection and looks very natural.. I will admit trying to get comfortable being cut from all angles was difficult I stopped all pain medication two days ago so winging it solo now :) I have a high pain level so most other people would be still on pain medication I'm sure :-/ My weight is now 140 and holding.. I don't want to lose any more weight so I have increased my calorie intake to keep it stable and my nutrition level up to heal properly.

Update January 15th, 2002: Well, on March 6th 2002 I will have another surgery for adhesions that attached to my muscle wall and colon.. :( weight still at goal..

Update: 08-22-02 Sorry for waiting so long to post, however, my life is so busy now... Surgery was a success... I also had my arms done :) you know the huge batwings...well all gone now.. :) I'm back to work full time "Detention Officer" I went through 8 weeks of C.L.E.E.T (Criminal Law Enforsement Training) I love my new job, and to be honest would not have been at all possible without the loss of 227 pounds.. Thank you WLS and Dr. Husted..

UPDATE: 09/25/04: I went to work for Okmulgee Criminal Justice Authority in Aug 2002 and was promoted to the rank of sergeant within 6 months and named "Officer of the Year 2002" Also I had the honor of being on OCCJA SWAT team, I worked at OCCJA for over two years and currently I am with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. I'm still at my goal weight and loving my new healthy and physically fit life. And never sorry that I had WLS.

UPDATE: 02/20/05: As of August 2004 I went to work for the State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections. I'm lean and mean :) I'm still at my goal weight and can't believe it's now been over 5 years since surgery. I'm doing great, and feel great eating pretty much what I want. Sugar is a no-no, and fried foods, bread and pasta still can't handle those either. NEW PICS coming soon.

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