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Silent Hill: Welcome to Hell

"Two different worlds: One is a nightmarish hell, a rusted industrial wasteland which many would consider to be Hell itself; and the other - an abandoned town, possessing physically altered durability. Blocked-off streets. Skinless dogs and winged demons."

-From Dark Illumination

Last Updated: 10/27/00

Welp, this site is gonna be slow for awhile. I no longer have my own PC, limiting my access, plus I got lots of other stuff going on. I apologize if you need help, but there is a completed walkthrough and a message board if you're stuck. I really don't have much time to answer mail right now, so don't be angry if I fail to respond. In other news, check out EGM's latest issue for some nifty SH2 screenshots. Also, Dreamcast owners looking for a horror fix after CODE: Veronica need to check out D2. Although it plays differently than your normal Resident Evil-style, the mood and graphics for this game are superb. I highly recommend checking it out. I'll try to keep up with SH2 news and visit the forums, so in the meantime keep posting! Thanks for visiting,

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