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Here is a list of all the things that I am looking for.If you have something,you may think I want, email me and tell me what it is and I will get back to you,I love getting new Hanson things and if it is very rare I will not turn you down.

-Any Videos I don't have

-Any rare video footage I don't have

-Any Hanson family pix I don't have

-Any Hanson pix I don't have

-Hanson Family Footage

-Pix the Hanson kids have drawn

-Birth Certificates

The Taylor and Diana interview that they did on a radio station.I can't find this anywhere!If you have it,please let me know,cause I am willing to buy it!

-Any import cd's,rare songs,or unreleased songs

-The brown Middle of Nowhere shirt which I think was one of the first shirts released.Let me know if you have it!I can't find this anywhere!

-Sounds or recordings of the Family

-Signatures!Any of the guys or from the family!

-All of Walker and Diana's yearbook pix from High School

-Actual MMMBop and Boomerang Cd

-Actual MMMBop Single Cd

-Any pre-fame stuff,like the flyer from Big Splash

-The INSTYLE MAG that featured Taylor and Natalie's Wedding

-Concert footage from Ricmond VA TTA Tour, Washington DC Albertane Tour, Wilkes Barre PA TTA tour footage.

-RARE footage of Tay getting attacked by fans on the TTA Tour.(Two different videos, I know they exist, they are just hard to find.)

-50 Greatest Teen Idols VH-1 Show, just the Hanson part

-100 Greatest Songs of All Time, just the MMMBop and Hanson part