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Here is a list of prices if you are interested in buying anything.These are not completely accurate,when something is setteled,I will give you a more accurate price.

Video tape orders-$10.00,shipping around $2.00.
Casseste Tape orders-$3.00,shipping $1.00
Pinup packets-$5.00 for 8 pictures shipping $2.00
Poster packets-$5.00 for 8 shipping $2.00
Articles same as above
Pictures are $1.00 to $2.00,will sell these in groups,for a certain price depending on the quality of the picture. Other things that aren't listed will be subject to my decison,discounts will be given on large orders,but shipping cost maybe a little more.Special orders such as overnite,2 days/3days and such can be done,but the cost is expensive.Email me for orders like that.I will then get back to you with that information.