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2000 Videos

David Letterman-2000$3.00
Rosie O Donnel-2000$3.00
Teen People 25 under 25-2000 $4.00
Jay Leno-2000Christmas $4.00
Teen Choice Awards-2000 $1.50(The color is messed up,lots of lines,but it's them and you can see em)
The Early Show-2000 $2.00(lines,static messed up color)
Noah Knows Best-2000(great quality!)$5.00
Chicago HOB Concert Much USA-2000(missed first 5 seconds or so)$5.00
Much Music Hanson Spotlight 2000(includes videos,interview clips from 97)$4.50
Hanson live at Much-2000 $5.00
Hanson:At the Fillmore DirecTV FreeView-$5.00 Great quality considering it took several years to get ahold of,lol don't ask