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This section contains clippings of different people besides Hanson. All things on this page are for sale only unless we work something else out.

Teen Magazine-July 2000

Britney Spears I-Zone Camera Advertisement .50cents
Matthew Lillard article .50cents
Angelina Jolie .50cents
Jason Biggs .50cents
A.J(BSB) Yearbook pics .20cents
Christina A. Yearbook pics .20cents
Kid Rock Yearbook pics .20cents

Teen Beat-May 2001

J.Lo pinup .45cents
A.J(BSB) pinup .45cents
Gwen Stefani pinup .45cents
Christina A. .45cents
Britney Spears "Hit the Books" article .50cents
Carson Daly pinup .45cents
Seth Green pinup .45cents
O-Town pinup(most of them have their shirts off) .45cents
Britney Spears centerfold .75cents
Aaron Carter centerfold .75cents
N sync poster $1.00
Destiney's Child interview articles and pinups $1.50
N Sync or Swim quiz .75cents

Twist-April 2001

Mya-Fear of Flying advertisment .75cents
Blink-182 article/pics 1.50

Elle Girl

Britney Spears 4Wheelers Advertisment .75cents
"Mad About the Moffatts" article $1.00

Teen People-September 2001

Destiney's Child 'Candies' advertisment .75cents
N Sync Europe concert trip advertisment .50cents
Carson Daly 'Got Milk?' add .50cents
Madonna HBO Concert Poster .75cents
Nelly 'Got Milk?' ad .50cents