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Custom Astrology Charts

Do you like astrology?Have you ever wanted to find out more about you or someone else but can't afford the money for a professional chart?Well you've come to the right place.
I make custom charts personalized with the person's name,birthdate,and all about their personality as based in the chart,and the best part is,it's cheap!A custom chart is only $3.50!Extra things will be added for a small price,such as Famous people under your sign,ruling planet and other things,email me for all of them!It will be HAND WRITTEN by me as I cast all of my own charts.I will send it alone with the details,or for just $5.00,I can put it in a cover to help keep it safe!You can add everything included in the packaage for just $6.00!
These make great gifts,I can plot any year from early 1900's to the 2020's or so!Everything is taken from accurate charts,and I write all the info down in easy to read ways,so you can understand your chart.If you need help,you can always email me for it.
They are written in colorful ink,but readable ink.These take a few days to cast and such if I work on it about 15-20 minutes a day.If you are interested,email me,tell me you want the astro chart,give me your birthdate and year,and I will start casting,please don't send money right away,I would like to have your chart completed first.

All Charts are copyrighted (C) by me,Traci,as I am the one who takes the time to make them,they are my own design,and my own time.