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Note: If some pictures dont' appear to work right click on them. The choose "show picture". This may have to be done several times since this server sucks. Also, that picture may be down because of my re-designing.

These Are Recent Updates That I Have Made To RMW.7-20: More pages re-designed. I'm at the 70% point as it is now.
7-19: A few more sections and pieces of sections finished.
7-18: More stuff changed. I have a few pages and a few pieces of the sections done.
7-16: Sadly I have allowed my Metallica page run down. I will now be re-designing it and fixing it up a bit. Then I will do the same to my also run down AC/DC page. Re-designing starts soon so check back with us! If some pictures don't seem to work it is because I am currently making new ones. Sorry we are under heavy re-construction.


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My AC/DC page that is now 100% complete. - RZB

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My new Collective Soul site. - RZB
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