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A Hanson Short Story

Prologue ===================================================================== "Isaac!" I yelled as we were leaving. "Lauren! I love you!" I was kicking, screaming, and crying all at the same time. Isaac and I were best friends. We loved each other so. even though we were young, we still loved each other. WE planned on getting married when we were old enough to. From that day on, we never saw each other, or heard from again.... ======================================================================

Chapter 1

I forgot about our love for a long time until one day. I was listening to the radio. I heard this weird song come on. It was called "Mmm Bop." I started laughing when they said the names after the song. Then it dawned on me that one of those guys I used to go out with! "Oh my word! Is that Isaac?!" I yelled. I paniced. They guy said they've hit #1 on the chart.

The next day my friends at church were talking about them. "Hey, Devin, which one do you think is cute?" "Taylor." She said. "Oh. Well, then Ike!" I was excited she didn't like him. Then I turned to my cousin. "Which one do you like Emily?" I asked her hoping she wouldn't say "Ike." "Zac!" She said.

One day my boyfriend Greg, for my birthday he gave me a Hanson concert ticket and a backstage pass. I went to the concert the next week. After the concert, I went to go meet my beloved again. Ike didn't reckognize me at first, but later he did. He said,"Lauren, what are you doing here?" "I've come to see you again." I told him. "Isaac, I love you! We're ment for each other! You know it too!" I satarted to cry. "Lauren, it's not that. I do still love you too, but the problem is that I won't be able to see you but one minute a year!" He kind of laughed. I started crying again. "What's the matter Lauren?" "You don't care do you?" I asked him. "Care about what?!" I slapped him. "Why did you do that for?!" "Never mind! Bye!" I was so mad at him. He didn't even care about our love. "Lauren! Wait!" he said. I left. He tried to follow me. But I just ran away. Greg was waiting for me outside. "Goodbye Isaac." I said sadly.

The next day Isaac called me. "Is Lauren there?" He asked my mom. "Um, I don't know. Let me see." My mom said. "Lauren! Telephone! It's Ike!" At least she was excited to hear from him. "Okay, here she is." "Lauren," he said, "Yeah," "I'm sorry about yesterday. Do you forgive me?" He asked me hopefully. "I don't know. Why?" "Well, I want you to go with me on our tour I have a surprise for you there." "You do?" "I'd tell you now, but it's a surprise, you must break up with that Greg, or whatever his name is." He told me. "Why do I have to do that?!I love greg. You're just jealous!" "Lauren, you don't understand. Do you want me to tell you now?" "Yes please! I'm so confused!" I told him. "I figured you would be. I want to marry you." He said. I started crying. "What's wrong? Don't you love me?" "Yes I do. But what about Greg?" "Forget about him. Lauren, I want you to be the mother of my children. You were right about us. We are ment for each other. Will you come with me to the Albertane tour?" He asked. "Yeah, I suppose if my mom will let me." "Lauren, you can join our band. I'll buy you a piccolo and a bass guitar, I will have someone teach you how to play it. You can harmonize with Zac. Ya'll do harmonizing well. And on the piccolo, you can play that on Soldier." "Let me think about it Ike." "Lauren," "Yeah," I said tearfully. "I love you. Please think about it. Meet me at the mall on Tuesday. At center court." "all right." "See you at 2?" I asked. "That's fine." We hung up. ======================================================================

Chapter 2

The next day at the mall Ike and I met. "Isaac," "Yeah," "Do you really love me?" I was asking him hopefully. "Lauren, that's a stupid question to ask! You know that I love you." He started crying. "You don't have to cry Clarke Isaac!" I said kind of sharply. "Hey Lauren, do you want to go pick out an engadgment ring? I don't care how much it costs. I love you." Isaac started crying. So did I. "I do." I said sitting there crying looking at him happily. "We are ment for each other." He said that and kissed me on the cheek. He started smiling. His smile is like heaven. We went to go pick out the ring. We were excited. I was fixing to be Mrs. Clarke Isaac Hanson! "I'll take that one. It's beautiful. Size six and a half please. Thank you Isaac! My mom said I could go to the tour with you. And I will join your band." "Cool!Yes!" Isaac was so excited. So was I, and the rest of the band. Taylor and Zac.

We went to his house after that and told Walker, Diana, Jessi, Avie, and of course little Mac and Zoe. Diana was so excited. Isaac went aside and told his brothers. In one week we were leaving for the tour, and after that, we were getting married! ======================================================================

Chapter 3

One week later. "Lauren, do you have everything?" "Yes, I do." "Well then, let's go!" I was so esxcited. So were Taylor and Zac.

"Ike!" I just woke up wondering where we were. "We're fixing to go eat."

We walked in the restaurant with the rest of the Hanson family. After we ordered, Isaac and I sat at a table by ourselves. Taylor and Zac were laughing at us in the back ground. "What are those two laughing at?!" I said giggling. Taylor and Zac always laughed at us. This is our last concert! We're fixing to get married! Isaac sung "More Than Anything" for me. The next week we got married at a local Baptist Church. We chose Mac and Zoe to be in the wedding. We were so happy that we are married. The wedding was a complete success.


Two years later....

Isaac and I moved to a little house right by his parents and we lived happily ever after. ====================================================================== Hope you enjoyed it!:) Peace, Love, and bullet proof marshmallows! Keep the Hanson pride alive! Mmm Bop to the top:)