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A 'Typical' first time visit

"The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out who you are, seek to determine who you want to be."

"Friendship With God"
by Neale Donald Walsch


People who are interested in becoming a client are often new to the experience of working with a healer. So I have included this page to help provide some basic information about the experience. Since each person and their needs are different it is a little difficult to provide exact information, but here is a general overview.

My service is not geared to only one avenue of healing. The energy component is a large part and the majority of my work. But there are also times when discussion and re-framing of long held beliefs etc. is called for. Most times I will work energetically with the person. If the session is one of energy balancing or re-harmonization then, once again, I have to say that each experience is unique to the one I am working with. The typical experience is as follows.

I will take a few moments at the beginning of the session to advise you what I am 'seeing', clairevoyantly, in your field and interpret those things into actual life experiences and influences. Then if we both agree that it is desirable to work together we can proceed. If I choose not to work with the individual I will provide the person with a list of healers who would be more appropriate. Whether or not I work energetically with the person there is still a consultation fee, which is set at the fee indicated.

If we are both in agreement with working together the next step typically is to have the client recline comfortably . Then I sit on a stool, beside the client, and hold either their knee, foot or elbow. And that is as active as it gets. During the process you, the client, traditionally experience numerous physical, as well as emotional, releases. Conversation during the actual energy work is not a typical part of the experience. Occasionally I will ask a question based upon something I am finding. Most often it is to reassure the client of what is happening and provide some understanding. Conversation is usually limited to the pre and post energy component of the session. The typical client feels very relaxed and calm when the session is completed.

I will in turn, upon completing the session explain to the individual what they may experience over the coming week. Once again, typically, I work with a client over a period of 6 - 10 sessions in order to achieve balance. These can vary in duration between visits and length of time of the session, but are never less than a week apart and very rarely shorter than 1/2 hour or longer than 1 hour. Both dependant upon the individual session.

One more piece of advise. It is never wise to come to visit me because someone else says you 'should'. These interactions are rarely successful. Mostly because acting on the 'shoulds' of another has more of a tendency to please rather than to heal. If I sense this in a new client, then I will not work with them as it is a waste of valuable time, both for me and the client. If your soul impells you then respond, if it is your head that tells you that you 'should', then spend some time deciding if this is right for you.

My session fee is as follows:

(Please note Visa payment available for Distance/Remote clients only.)

The average length of the visit is 1 hr.

If there are any unanswered questions please feel free to contact me at the following email address:

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