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Aura Interpretation

(Via Mailed Photograph)

What can I expect from a Reading?

I was born with the ability to see the auric field around every living thing on this planet. Over the years I have learned many things. First that not everyone sees this, don't laugh its true. All during my growing up years I thought everyone saw like this. It was only in my early adulthood that I found out this was not true.

I have also learned how to intrepret the subtle nuances of colour, their combinations and relevance according to position over the body. Mostly from need, "Necessity is the Mother of invention", I have also learned that I can see this field via photographs of the subject.

Why out of necessity? Well, not all the people I work with can come to me. So by using a recent photo as focus I have learned to interpret at a distance and pass along the information to the Questioner. As my private practice has grown busier over the years I have had to limit the number of people I see personally who wanted to have an intuitive assessment of what is happening in their lives; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Since my nature as a healer often calls me more strongly than other drives in my life I felt impelled to provide an avenue of access while still taking into consideration my own personal needs.

An interpretation of your aura provides information on all levels of life. On a physical level not only is it possible to discern where the problems are being experience, it is also possible to find the links which are causing this problem. By links this may mean historical information (situations in your past that may be forgotten but are not gone), current isues - changes occuring in your life that are causing pressures etc. and also information that may lead to a release of those blockage. For more information on blockages please refer to the Chakra page.

In order to provide relevant information I will need

  • a photograph of the Person in question
  • some questions from you to guide the investigation.

In turn I will forward an Audio Cassette of the reading.

Please make Cheques and Money Orders for $50.00 plus S&H fees of $10.00 (Cdn.) to the address below.

If you wish to have more direct contact please inform me and we can arrange either a Telephone reading, or similarly I can do a reading via ICQ.

For further information please feel free to contact me through the email link at the bottom of this page or at:

M. Homer Mann
113 Young St.
Kitchener On N2H 3V4

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