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My Work


A misted the chaos You see life whirled in madness.

Life's blood frozen, propelled and not

A child born to strangers

The dark sky is lit.

A word is uddered in the hollow.

Nothing is understood.


I wish I could see morrow. I will be blinded then.

Wind blows swift.

I smell it coming.


Copyright 2000

Storm Wind

Gleaning droplets of dew harbor the gallant they tread unknown waters, hoping in the midst of the spray to purify the self of the mockery.

Sea gulls are you listening.

I believe the storm has subsided, and in its wake I have been nourished.

Storm wind, you have taken my breath away.

Copyright 2000


Paved roads


I see grass growing.

Mark loves Emma is carved in my skull.

thump, thump..thump..fat man broke my back paved, cracked, winkled, broken

" Fuckers you will never take me alive!"

Thump..I feel his body..crash onto mine.

" I will fight, you sons of a bitches."

He takes a swig of his liquor. He presses his face to mine.

" You sons of bitches will never take me...never."

I comfort the lost. I confort the tired, and yet no one knows I live. He is sleeping now. Beer filled son of a bitch.

Flash..flash....flash.... a car door opens.

" lolol, look at this a waste of humanity." " Hey buddy, get up." The blue man tugs at him ... big, long, black, thick, stick.

" Mona..mona..fuckin Mona," he mumbles.

He dreams of days lost..and sweet lips that were his.

" Get up BUDDY, " this guy is wasted.

I feel him awaken. The dormant dragon awakens. I feel his buttocks tighten.

" What the fuck do you want..I was not always like this you know."

" Sure buddy, sure..let move along now, you can't sleep on the sidewalk."

" Yeah..whatever."

My friend rises..and walks..I feel him..he does not go far.

" Pieces of shit. They can't give a man a peace of mind... Zip..zipppppp. " Ah that's better."

I feel once more the wet golden ooze that humans christen me with. Warmth.

" I was not always like this...l was..."

He sleeps. He dreams. I will stay vigilante. I am the indigent warth of society. I can not move away, I can not doge the urine or vomit man bestows upon me. I Am cracked. I am legless, and yet I move, and feel your every move. You have made me. You have trotted on me, spit , shit, pisssed, and vomit on me. I am sill here. I have always been like this. I remember what it was like at my birth...before the carving on my forehead. Oh, hard you worked on me. Funny little red hat, but why by God did you make me a sidewalk. You should have made me a son of a bitch.

Life begins with paved intensions

Copyright 2000

The Rythm

I have heard that birds can not sing. I beg to differ, for they understand eachother. They rise in prayer and rest in same.

Words less spoke are more powerful.

Forgive me if I have made your nights breathless for I was fighting to breath.

My pen has frozen.My mind is spinning.My life is open.

There lurking in the mosque I see him pray.

Forgive me God for I have sinned once where I only saw you..... I see he. My eyes are filled. I have been blind. Now I can see.

The door way to him lays the door of lover's shattered hearts.

I have been robbed.

God forgive me for I have sinned..Word less spoken are better less said...this is the song of my soul. You only need to listen to understand.

I am drunk

Copyright 2000