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Ficworld (Hey it can happen!)

Hi! Welcome to FicWorld! This is a Hanson FanFic lovers page, where I post my HanFic trilogy, "I'm On My Own". The first of the trilogy is, "Tulsa's Long Road Home", the sequel, "I Thought I Could Trust You" is finally up, and look for the last part of the trilogy, "Silent Tears" to be posted soon. Like you, I'm sick and tired of those lame stories where people get over dramatic about everything. I mean, I've read stories where Tay was a hypochondriac, where they were over-obsessive with perverseness, Zac's been crucified(personally, I think that's absolutely horrible, and they call themselves fans?), and so much more. But, the "I'm On My Own" trilogy isn't a sugary love-story, either. Some people are oblivious the realistic fact that Hanson is real, too. And that sometimes, for Hanson to reach the pot of gold and the end of their rainbow, they have to take the Long Road Home...

Guess what, guys?!? I finally won awards for my story! Check it out!
Yay! I Won Awards!!!

Guys, check out my new award! I won a FanFic award for the best "Fastasy Central" site! Thanks for all of you that voted!

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Short Stories
I added a couple more short stories! I'm sure you'll like them, but that's not for me to judge! Take a look around, and tell me what you think! :c)


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