A Radiant Love Story


He introduced himself to her while she toured the factory in which she would work as a temp. Her bright eyes and radiant smile pleasantly surprised him, and her name was unforgettable. Later during lunch, he inquired about her past and began sharing his. Noticing that she was a loner, he decided to act as her workplace mentor, guiding her through the company’s culture.

With them worked on the same production line, he was able to observe her habits and ask her questions about her life. He was saddened by what he learned. She needed more than a mentor. She needed a friend. So, he decided to be that friend. Then Radiance’s work assignment suddenly ended, and her mentor thought that he would never see her again. Thankfully, she visited the factory one more time, and she gave her mentor-friend her cellphone number.

The loss of her temp assignment made life worse for Radiance. She had to give up her apartment and move in with her elder sister, who rented a roach-infested house in the poorest neighborhood in the city. Lacking a driver’s license and a job meant that Radiance depended on the mercy of others, and receiving mercy was not something that she was accustomed to.

Then Radiance met “him” again. He had called her and asked for directions to her sister’s house. A short time later, her former workplace mentor arrived. He learned about the conditions at the house and about Radiance’s personal needs. He let her know that he would not abandon her, but that he would do what he could to help. He started by helping her to pay for her cellphone service, which enabled him to keep in contact with her.

When December arrived, Radiance and her household were unable to decorate the house for Christmas. It seemed as if there was nothing to celebrate. Then one day, “he” reappeared at the house, bringing with him a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations and a frozen turkey. There would be a Christmas celebration after all.

The New Year arrived with Radiance having no idea how she would find work, especially with so many people being out of work as the result of a recession. Then “he” showed up at the house, carrying with him an advertisement for a job fair at a restaurant, and he encouraged Radiance to attend the event. So she did. As a result, she gained a new job. She still needed transportation to and from work, and “he” made an effort to give her transportation whenever possible. He also took her out to eat before she went to work and after she left work. When Radiance started a better-paying job in another county, “he” continued acting as her chauffeur. The frequent trips together enabled them to get to know each other better and to learn about each other’s needs.

Radiance did not ask for much, but “he” was determined to change her life for the better. He helped her to obtain another apartment, and then he surprised her by providing the apartment with furnishings, including a bed. He found out about her debts and proceeded to help her pay them off. He helped her to gain a driver’s license, and then he loaned her a car. Every time she turned around, he was doing something to make her life better, and her love for him grew.

The future was looking brighter for Radiance. Then one night, that bright future appeared to be ruined. Shortly after midnight, “he” received a call from her. She was in jail as the result of a past problem that had caught up with her. He did not hesitate to get out of bed and to go to the jail. When he arrived, he met the bail-bondsman who had been called to help Radiance. A few minutes later, she left the jail, but she was extremely upset, in part because the car that “he” had loaned her was impounded somewhere. He had trusted her with his car; now it was gone. She thought that he would never trust her again.

Radiance had a habit of keeping her emotions stuffed inside, preventing anyone from knowing just how she felt. Yet, on that night she could not do so. For the first time in her adulthood, she broke down emotionally, shaking as she wept. He held her as her tears drenched his shoulder. During the trip to her apartment, he held her hand and told her that she had not lost his trust. Once the impounded car was back in his possession, he would let her continue driving it, and he would pay the cost of getting it back. She knew then that nothing she did would break the bond that held them together, a bond that grew stronger with each passing day.

With the arrival of another New Year, Radiance was seeing a light at the end of the long tunnel of her life, and she had “him” to thank for it. When springtime arrived, she received a special surprise from him. He bought her a used car and had her name put on the car’s title. He also paid for an insurance policy for the car. Now, Radiance had transportation independence for the first time in her life.

From the time that Radiance met “him”, he had done more than give her help. He had also been giving her love – real love, unconditional love – the kind that had been denied her during her childhood, the kind that she craved. Radiance responded to that love by loving “him” back. Indeed, she desired to have a permanent relationship with him, and that desire was mutual.

So, in August of 2011, the two of them stood before a judge, who officiated the ceremony that resulted in the two of them becoming legally related to each other. His last name became hers.

But, wait! If you were to see Radiance and “him” together, and if you didn’t know who they were, then you’d probably not guess that they were a family. Indeed, they are outwardly an odd couple, because she is a very pretty African American, and he is a balding, middle-aged white man who is 25 years older than her.

The fact that Radiance is that many years younger than him is not a problem because . . .

. . . she is his newly-adopted daughter.

By the way, when he is not busy working or taking care of his family, Radiance’s new daddy looks for interesting things to write about. When he finds something, he shares it by posting it on a blog named Wizbang! He even wrote this story.

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