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Cemeteries - Indian Territory West - Oklahoma

I have dear friends who have walked many cemeteries and documented the locations, for information how to order the books, see below. I also have personal knowledge of several of the cemeteries and will do my best to inform you on the location and when time allows will transcribe the information I have. If you want further information on a certain cemetery please e-mail me at:

The following list of cemeteries may be ordered from: Gary Lester, P. O. Box 134, Braggs, OK 74423 For current price e-mail:

"Muskogee County Cemetery Guide, Volume One"

Agnew - 9 Miles South of Muskogee, OK on Hwy64, 2 miles East on Elm Grove road and 4 miles south. Established about 1881 and approximately 550 internments.

Bennett - T12N R19E Sec21 West of Warner, OK on College Road2 miles and about 2 miles south on a black top road.

Blackstone - T12N R20E Sec24 about 1/4 mile east of Hwy. 64 & 100 Junction on old Hwy 64 in a private residence near Webber Falls, OK

Bowen - T12N R15E Sec25 From Webber Falls, OK west to Hwy. 64 Hwy 100 Junction to the first dirt road west, turn right (north), then 3/8 mile and located on the right about 100 yards in a grove of trees.

Brushy Mountain - T14N R19E Sec 28 Hwy. 64 & Davis Field road south of Muskogee, 4 miles east to the end of pavement. Turn right, 3/4 mile south and cemetery is on the left side of the road. Many of the married members are from the Cordery & Vickery family from Forsythe County, GA.

Cramp - T10N R20E Sec4 North edge of Porum 3 miles east to end of pavement & continue on dirt road about mile, cemetery is on the left (north) side of the road.

Crapoe - 2 miles north of Gore on Hwy. 10, east of Hwy 10 and 150 yards in a field on private property.

Charlotte Drew Grave - T12N R20E Sec11 Hwy. 64, Hwy. 100 junction, west to the first dirt road. Right for 1 1/4 miles north. The tombstone is in a field on the west side of the road about 100 yards.

Elm Grove - South of Muskogee, Hwy. 64 to Elm Grove Road, turn east for 5 miles. Right for 1 mile and cemetery is north of Spaniard Creek Recreational area. Established after the Civil War, two of Joseph Martin Hildebrand's wives are buried here.

Griffin - T12N R21E Sec 19 About 1 mile south of Webber Falls on Airport road..

Gritts - About 3 miles south of Webber Falls & 2 miles east, in a small community of Gritts Town.

Hankins - 3 miles east of Hwy. 64 on Elm Grove road, 1 mile north on a dirt road, then 1/4 mile east down a closed section line on the south side of the old road.