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The purpose of my web page is to reach as many people who are searching for Cherokees in their ancestry lineage.
Whether it is by my research books, rolls, census, maps, districts or other links to authors of research books and/or web pages. Updates on the progress of Cherokee Nation elected officials and activities planned for Indian Territory Oklahoma.

Sandi Garrett

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"Only The Names Remain" By Cherokee Artist Ralph Feather, JR

"No amount of white blood shall dilute the pride of the Cherokee people - nor erase their memories"
Cherokee Chief Charles Hicks
"Cherokee blood, if not destroyed, will win it's courses in beings of fair complexions, who will read that their ancestors became civilized under the frowns of misfortunes, and the causes of their enemies."
John Ridge - Cherokee
"Away back in that time in 1492 - there was a man by the name of Columbus. He came from across the great Ocean, he discovered the Country for the white man. What did he find when he got here? Did he find a white man standing on the continent then? I stood here first and Columbus first discovered me."
Spoken by: Harjo - Creek
"Father you know it is hard to be hungry and if you do not know it, we poor Indians know it.
We did not think the big man would tell us things that was not true."
A Delaware Chief Prayer
"In the Capital rotunda, Washington D. C., when Seneca Chief Red Jacket looked at the panel which represented in sculpture the first landing of the pilgrims, with an Indian Chief presenting to them an ear of corn in token of friendly welcome. The aged Chief said "That was Good." He knew about the great spirit and was willing to share the soil with his brothers across the great water. Then he seen a panel showing Penn's peace treaty and said "Ah, all's Gone Now."
Documented by Davy Crockett as a United States Representative of Tennessee and told the
events that had happened to the Native Indian Tribes as sovereign people.

We Will Be Known By The Tracks We Leave Behind - Dakota Proverb


Cherokee Research Books By Sandi Garrett

Let's get personal

Rolls, Census & other numbers

Cherokee and Pioneer Name Changes,& why - A through S - updated 1-20-2001

Cherokee Potpourri: pictures, maps

Cemeteries - Indian Territory West Oklahoma

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